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Please join us for our very first event, specifically for parents and guardians. Learn about a day in the life of a kindergartner by exploring topics from academics and extra-/co-curricular activities to food and health services at Mitchell at the Middle. Speakers representing services and resources such as B.A.S.E., GMSPA, and RTK also share valuable information. A Q&A is also provided. This event is sponsored by the school and hosted by the Mitchell School Principal, Mr. Bray and Assistant Principal Mr. Bratt.
Date: Monday, May 6, 2019
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Mitchell at the Middle Auditorium
Who's Invited: Parents and guardians. Children are welcome but it's not recommended. If you are bringing your children, please consider coloring projects and electronic or something to help them pass the time. It can get rather warm and boring for the children.

Each family will receive an appointment letter via US postal mail, asking you to bring your child to school for their Kindergarten Screening appointment. Appointments are brief and siblings may wait in the hallway with you. It is suggested that the child wear or bring sneakers for the screening.
Date: May 30th, May 31st & June 3rd *by appointment*
Location: Mitchell at the Middle