Charter & By-Laws


NOTE:  "Road Soldiers Motorcycle Association (RSMA)" was formerly known as "Fort Eustis Motorcycle Association (FEMA)".  Due to regulations stating the separation of the Association from direct military relations, the name was changed and the charter is being updated.




Name and Authority

The name of this organization shall be the Road Soldiers Motorcycle Associate and hereafter referred to as the RSMA. They shall have the authority to operate on Fort Eustis only with the consent of the Installation Commander. Operations depends on compliance with the requirements and conditions of this charter, U.S. Army instructors, Fort Eustis instructions, state laws and associated by-laws and all applicable directives and policies. The Association will conform to all guidelines in AR 21-22 and operate as a private organization on Fort Eustis. Neither FortEustis nor the Government will have any liability for the actions or debts of the Fort Eustis Motorcycle Association. The Commander of Fort Eustis may revoke permission to operate on FortEustis at any time.



Purpose, Goals, and Objectives


PURPOSE:  To establish and maintain a spirit of comradeship and esprit de corps that will enhance the prestige of all motorcycle riders, encourage on-going rider education and skills development, and reduce the potential of motorcycle mishaps. Set an example for all personnel according to the standards, traditions, and customs of the U.S. Army. To operate and conduct itself in a manner that provides equal opportunity and treatments for all motorcyclists.




  1. The FEMA will seek to improve morale, promote rider awareness and skills improvement. The FEMA will seek to enhance the installation and local community relationship through community service efforts and events by unifying and combining the unique and individual talents of the FEMA members.


  1. Each member is encouraged to actively participate, to support the objectives of the FEMA by setting a positive example, and to promote the safety and welfare of all members.




  1. Provide each member with the collective knowledge, experience, and influence of the FEMA positively affecting motorcycling on and off the installation.
  2. Improve rider skills through mentorship for new riders and continuing education for all riders.
  3. Establish an effective means of communication with all members to exchange ideas and keep attuned to changes in attitudes and behaviors of installation riders.

  1. Promote the positive statue of motorcycle riders in the U.S. Army.


  1. Promote and support safety recognition programs.


  1. Introduce new riders to the FEMA and familiarize them with the goals and objectives of the FEMA.


  1. Promote social gatherings on FortEustis as well as with local community leaders. Aggressively seek to support Fort Eustis and community activities throughout the Hampton Roads area.


  1. Provide a forum wherein any policy, program, or problem of interest to the members in general, along with unit leadership in particular, may be discussed freely.


  1. Assist in maintaining a high state of group moral and esprit de corps, while encouraging the highest standards of safety, bearing, and behavior.


  1. Improve the morale and welfare of the FEMA members and their family members.


  1. Invite guest speakers to talk about topics of interest to the members, with emphasis on safety, rider skills, community, and family enhancements.


  1. Emphasize and improve Fort Eustis motorcycle safety record.



Qualification of Members and Fees


SECTION A: Membership in the FEMA shall be strictly voluntary and without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicap. Membership will not be granted to any prospect or member of a known or previously unknown outlaw motorcycle club. Active members must have a motorcycle endorsement on their license and maintain insurance s required by law. All members (as required by DoD and service instructions) will have a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) RiderCourseSM completion card. All members must be aware that they are jointly and severely liable for the obligations of the FEMA. Membership shall consist of five categories as defined below:


  1. Active Member: Individuals who are federal employees, civilian or military, working on Fort Eustis, and DoD Retirees residing in the Hampton Roads Area, and is an operator of any motorcycle. To remain active members must attend at least one regular meeting every quarter in a calendar year. An active member is authorized to vote upon and discuss all matters in which the member has interests.


  1. Associate Member: Any individual who accompanies an active member and attends at least one regular meeting every quarter in a calendar year. An associate member is authorized to vote upon and discuss all matters in which the member has interests. No active member can sponsor more than two associate members.


  1. New Rider Member: Any new member who has less than 1 year riding experience upon applying for active membership or is intending to purchase a motorcycle in conjunction with joining the FEMA. A mentor must be selected from the general membership to observe and advise the new rider for a period of six months. The mentor is selected by an agreed upon decision of the Director, Assistant Director, and Secretary. After completion of the six month period, with mentor concurrence, the individual becomes an active member. If the mentor feels the members has not lived up to the principles or rules of the Association a majority vote at a membership meeting is necessary for the individual to remain a member of the Association. New Rider Members have full voting privileges.


  1. Honorary Member: May be extended to any adult person with a simple majority vote of the active members present at any membership meeting, except as mentioned below. Such membership shall be restricted to individuals who have taken positive actions that support the FEMA’s principles, purpose, and objectives. Said members are not authorized to vote.


  1. Inactive Member: Any individual mentioned above, who at his request, or no longer actively participates in Associate activities, but requests to stay on the inactive roster and distribution list. An inactive member is not authorized to vote nor make any motions. However, an inactive member may present information that may be critical to the FEMA during debates if approved by the Director. Individuals will be notified prior to being placed on the inactive member roster.


SECTION B: Active participation and supports of projects, activities, and functions of the FEMA are encouraged and are the responsibility of every member.


SECTION C: Membership may be denied or withdrawn from active, honorary, or inactive members under the conditions prescribed by the officers of the FEMA in accordance with Article III, sections A and D, of this charter and Article I of the by-laws (See Road Captains).


SECTION D: Any member convicted of DUI will be suspended from the active membership status in the FEMA and will be recognized as an inactive member. Suspension of active membership will be based upon actual loss of installation privileges as deemed appropriate by command authorities, based on legal authority.



Finances, Dues, Liabilities, Taxes, and Expenses


Financing: The FEMA has treasury, but will not charge dues or fees for membership. And will not maintain a checking or savings account.


Dues: There will be no membership fees, dues, or charges of any kind. Each member participating in any FEMA sponsored event will do so at his/her own expense.


Liabilities: No Association officer, individuals, or member is authorized to incur Association debt or obligate the Association in any financial contract. Any member, individual, or member, who enters into any agreement or contract or incurs any debt, will be liable for that debt individually. No other officer, individual, or member of FEMA will be liable.


Taxes: Each member is responsible for his/her own finances and taxes on any kind while incurred as a member of the FEMA.



Insurance Coverage

Each member of the FEMA will be required to provide his/her own insurance coverage to operate, ride, travel, or tour with the FEMA. This coverage must allow the operator to ride in groups.




There will be no employees, paid or volunteer, of the FEMA.




The following By-Laws are set forth for the normal operation and administration of the FEMA and will be directed on, and a guide for, the FEMA officers and members.



Officers, Their Duties, and Elections


SECTION A: (Elected Officers) Interim officers will hold positions until the first elections take place on or about December 2006, and thereafter, every December in accordance with the charter of the FEMA to serve a period of one year. The position of Director must be held by the Active Duty Member of DoD civilian employee to maintain continuity with the installation’s leadership and assure direct association with the installation’s workforce. There are no restrictions for other elected officers.


  1. Director
  2. Assistant Director
  3. Secretary
  4. Logistics Officer
  5. Road Captains


The FEMA officers’ election, removal, powers, and responsibilities shall be governed according to the rules contained in “The New Robert’s Rules of Order” except when it is inconsistent with this charter and associated by-laws.


SECTION B: (Duties of Officers)




The duties are as follow:

  1. Manages the FEMA according to its Charter, By-laws, and “The New Robert’s Rules of Order.”
  2. Preside at all membership and special meetings. 
  3. Set dates for membership, special, and executive committee meetings.
  4. Appoint committee members on a voluntary basis.
  5. Appoint members to fill elected officer positions if there are three months or less remaining on present term when the elected officer is unable to complete the current term. A special meeting will be scheduled for a temporary election for the vacant position when more than three months are remaining on their term.
  6. Appoint points of contact (POCs)
  7. Act as FEMA spokesperson.
  8. Chair Executive Committee. 
  9. Establish Special committees and appoint committee chairpersons as required. 
  10. Distribute a tentative agenda for the next membership meeting.
  11. Appoint officers to the following non-elected positions as he/she fit.


a.       MENTOR(S)

(1)   Will observe and assist New Rider Members

(2)   A mentor is defined as “a trusted counselor or guide.” Mentoring, therefore, is a relationship in which a person with greater experience and wisdom guides another person”.

(3)   The mentor will use available trainingand promotional resources to encourage safe responsible riding techniques and skills.

b.      SERGEANT-AT-ARMS (Administers discipline and is responsible for recovery of FEMA property).

c.       HISTORIAN (Maintains documentation of FEMA history to include photographing FEMA events and members participating in/at events).




            The duties are as follows:


1.      Assume duties of the Director in his/her absences.

2.      Serve as member of Executive Committee.

3.      Coordinate and preside over general elections.




            The duties are as follows:


1.      Record the minutes of membership meetings and take attendance.

2.      Distribution of minutes.

3.      Receive approval of previous month minutes at next regular scheduled meeting.

4.      Maintain a complete file of FEMA correspondence.

5.      Chair Social Committee.

6.      Serve as member of the Executive Committee.

7.      Provide other administrative support required by the FEMA.

8.      Attest to the authentication of documents and any other actions by the Director in the name of the FEMA.

9.      Maintain POC roster and make available to the FEMA.




            The duties are as follows:

 1.      POC responsible for coordination of all suported events requiring additional resources. The Logistics Officer is a coordinator and not an executer and provides guidance and oversight. The member-at-large will be responsible for the execution of the support plan through the coordinated efforts of the Logistics Officer.

2.      Maintain and safeguard property of the FEMA.

3.      Serve as member of the Executive Committee.




            The duties are as follows:

1.      Lead the FEMA in formation riding or parades. The Road Captains will give riding instructions to all riders prior to the start of a ride.

2.      Enforce all rules of group riding.

3.      Road Captains shall have the unchallenged right to terminate a member’s participation in a given ride or event for the FEMA safety or image. Upon request of a Road Captain, the Director may suspend the member pending the lodging of an official complaint. All members have the right to appeal before the members and will abide by the decision of the members—majority rules.

4.      One Road Captain will always ride point and set the pace. Another Road Captain will always ride drag to assure the safety of the FEMA from behind and assist members will mechanical problems.






1.      Members will above all, uphold the basic Assocation principles of honor, truth, respect, support, loyalty and commitment.


2.      When representing the Association on and off the installation, all members will conduct themselves with the highest regard of the Association principles. The Association must not be tarnished by unrestricted behavior, disrespect of fellow citizens, or acts that generally reflect poorly on the Association’s image and reputation.


3.      Members will not endanger the Association or any member by an illegal act or acts. If a member is arrest for illegal activities they are automatically suspended from Association activities and if found guilty of the offense(s) they are dismissed from the Association.


4.      All members must obtain the minimum safety clothing items recommended by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (and any military installation they enter) while operating their motorcycles as an Association member. Members must meet all FortEustis vehicle and operator requirements. Vehicles will be maintained to meet minimum local, state, federal safety requirements, and no vehicles will operated with unsafe equipment.


5.      Each member serves as a safety officer. Each member is responsible to identify and correct any condition that threatens the welfare of Association members or the general public. Any willful act of unsafe riding witnessed by a fellow Association member(s) could result in denial of membership. Members may plead their case at the next meeting.


6.      Activities will be conducted to encourage participation by all Association members and no laws will be enacted which favor or separate members by the type of motorcycle they ride.


7.      No member will ride under an impaired physical condition. Every member will always try to prevent another member from riding in an impaired condition.


8.      Members will always hold the Association in high regard. A member will never angrily accost, assault, or slander any other fellow Association member.


9.      Members will embrace and encourage an atmosphere of skill improvement, responsible riding, and riding enjoyment and discourage aggressive, competitive, and potentially self destructive riding behavior.


10.  There will be no alcoholic beverages consumed during Association meetings. Abusive languages of any type or illegal substances are prohibited for any Association member during Association functions, especially in the presence of family members and/or minors.


11.  Illegal drug use by any member will not be tolerated. If a member is confirmed to be a user or distributor of illegal drugs, he/she will removed from the Association.


12.  If a member is terminate from the Association, he or she will not be allowed to participate in Association activities or display the Association patch.


SECTION D: (Elections, Voting, and Officer Removal)




Election of FEMA officers shall be done annually during the December general membership meeting. Members seeking to serve as officers of the FEMA will have until the December general membership meeting to notify the Assistant Director of their intent to run for election. The Assistant Director will present to the membership meeting. Floor nominations will not be accepted unless the candidate is present and verbally accepts, or has provided an affidavit to Assistant Director. Nominees must have enough retain ability to complete the term for which they are being nominates.




Voting for the election of officers will be by secret ballot. Voting on all other FEMA business will be by a show of hands with the majority ruling, or as stated below. Ballots for the annual election will be provided to all members in good standing. For those active members unable to attend the December general membership meeting, absentee ballots may be obtained from the FEMA secretary. Absentee ballots must be returned and present at the time of the election. The Assistant Director will tabulate ballots and the candidate for each position with the most votes wins.




            FEMA officers may be removed from office for cause with due process, as necessary, by request of the two-thirds of the active membership in the form of a signed petition.



Meetings of the FEMA


SECTION A: (General Membership Meeting) Shall be held once a year, in December, for the purpose of electing new officers, disseminating other business, and inviting new riders to join. To convene a general membership meeting, a quorum of one-fourth (1/4) or more of the active membership of positive votes except when the issue involves a request for complete written financial reports. In this exceptional case, a two thirds (2/3) majority of positive votes is required.


SECTION B: (Regular Membership Meeting) Shall be held monthly or as directed by the Director for the purpose of conducting business that may be brought before the FEMA, listening to guest speakers, etc., and inviting new riders to join. Motions/resolutions and revisions/amendments will carry a simple majority of positive votes.



Revisions, Adoptions, Amendments, and Review


SECTION A: (Revisions/Adoptions) The adoption and or revision of this charter and associated by-laws require the approval of a majority of positive votes of the active members present at any meeting, provided a two-week oral or written notice is given the FEMA Any revision to this directives. This charter and associated by-laws will not take effect until reviewed by the first interim and or subsequent elected positions of the Director, Assistant Director, Secretary, and Logistics Officer.


SECTION B: (Amendments) This charter and associated by-laws may be amended or abolished in whole or in part by two-thirds (2/3) majority of positive votes of the active members present at any meeting, provided a two week oral or written notice is given to the FEMA. Any amendments to this charter and associated by-laws will not conflict with any installation or higher headquarters directives. This charter and associated by-laws shall be automatically amended to conform with all directives from the installation or higher headquarters without submission to the FEMA. All amendments will not take effect until reviewed by the first interim and/or subsequent elected positions of the Director, Assistant Director, Secretary, and Logistics Officer.


SECTION C: (Review) An appointed Parliamentarian Committee shall review this charter and associated by-laws annually to ensure completeness, applicability, and compliance with current Army directives, and policies.





The FEMA may be dissolved by request of two-thirds (2/3) or more of the active membership in the form of a signed petition. Upon dissolution, all funds in the treasury at the time will be used to meet any outstanding debts, liabilities, or obligations. All funds and properties, in excess of liabilities and expenses of dissolution, shall be donated to any

military/civilian organization as decided on by a simple majority of positive votes of the active members present.




The names, “Fort Eustis Motorcycle Association” and “FEMA”; patches, pins, and logos (if any) are the sole property of the “Fort Eustis Motorcycle Association” and may not be changed, duplicated, reproduced or copied without the express written consent of the FEMA Executive Committee.






Approved by majority vote on ????????????



By my hand, this document is approved as official





???????????????, Interim Director









?????????????????, Interim Deputy Director