Site Purpose

The "Road Safety Guard" is sold as a "HD DVR" but it's more accurate to say that it's a video camera targeted for automotive use. It mounts on the windshield and starts recording when you turn the key (if the power adapter is pulled into a switched 12V outlet). Overall it does quite a bit for the price, but a common complaint is that the user manual/pamphlet leaves a lot to be desired. 

This site is intended to fill in some holes in the manual.

This site is not connected with the manufacturer or any seller of the "Road Safety Guard". 

The Name

The name, "Road Safety Guard", comes off the first page of the paper manual and is used rather that the much more generic "HD-DVR".

Model Differences

Devices like this tend to add and change features without revisions to the "user manual".  This site is based on Version 6B502,120114,0,1,0.  If you have a model with different capabilities or operations, please leave a comment.

Example Clip

This is a short clip showing an SUV run a red light.