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Team and Season Information

General Information

Practices begin on March 3rd and will continue every Monday, Wednesday and/or Friday until May 17th. Games begin mid March and conclude Mid May

Before you can play

Players need to complete and email in all forms to by the FIRST DAY OF PRACTICE in order to play. Forms can be found on the website:

  • USAU Waiver – for Insurance
  • DiscNW Waiver – For leagues and Spring Reign
  • Medical Authorization Form –for Insurance and Emergency Contact
  • RoadRunner Ultimate Release



2014 dues TBD 

Range between 95-110 dollars

Roadrunner Ultimate is unaffiliated with Eckstein Middle School. As a result, we are a self funded team. Dues are collected from each player each season. Dues cover field rental costs, jerseys, league entry fees, Spring Reign entry fees, coaches stipends, insurance, equipment, and more. Scholarships and payment plans are available - no one will be turned down.  Go to the registration page and let us know you want to play!

Practice Times/Location

Practices are from 3-5pm on M, W and F, 3-4pm on T and Th at Ravenna Playfield. Players are expected to be on time to every practice unless otherwise arranged with his or her coach. Missing and being late to practices could result in loss of playing time at games or not playing at all. 

Players are to leave to the practice field immediately after school/once changed. 8th graders will be elected to walk a group down, the group will meet by the gym entrance on the west side of the school. Players may chose to walk with the group or on their own. They should arrive at the play field no later than 2:55. Parents may volunteer to walk with the group if they wish for adult supervision.

A team practices, M, W AND F

Varsity teams practice 2x/week, one long day and one short day

JV teams practice 1-2x/week, either two short days or 1 long day. 

Schedule will be determined after team placement during the first week. Players are to select days in which they can practice during registration so they can be placed on a team they can actually attend practices for.

Team Divisions

The team splits in the Spring will differ slightly than in the Fall. Team splits will be made after the first week of practice. Although teams will primarily be separated by grade, additional deciding factors will be skill, commitment to attending practices, and being respectful at those practices. 8th and 7th graders are eligible for the A team. All grades are eligible for all other teams. It is important to remember that everyone will get to play no matter the team they are placed on.

Anti Bullying Policy

Roadrunner Ultimate sticks to a strict no bullying policy. Our team is a safe space for all individuals. We are a community built on mutual respect for coaches, peers and the environment. On this team there is a NO swearing or put downs. Players not abiding by this policy will face consequences based on a three strike policy. Preliminary warnings will be given. First strike: sit out a practice. Second strike: sit out a game. Third strike: Removed from the team.  Swearing at practice will be a sprint for every swear. If it becomes more of a problem the three strike policy will be instituted. 

What to bring

ALWAYS bring the following to both practices and games:

  • Cleats, highly recommended
  • A white shirt and a black shirt for scrimmaging at practices
  • One or more full water bottles – the fountain is not always on/functioning at the park
  • Athletic clothing: shorts/warm ups/sweats and a T-shirt you are willing to get dirty
  • A snack if you tend to get hungry afterschool / during games
Bring clothing appropriate to the weather -- we do not cancel if it is raining!

Practice and Game Locations:


Games are on Saturdays, primarily at Magnuson Park. The first weekend of games will be March XX.