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Belgium motorways and ring roads

Last updated 5-6-02
Road types:
M Motorway
D Dual carriageway
S Single carriageway

Number E number(s) Road type Exit numbers Route Remarks
A roads (mostly motorways)
A1 E19 M yes Bruxelles/Brussel - Antwerpen - NL (A16 - Breda) Via R1 in Antwerpen
A2 E314 M yes Leuven - Diest - Genk - NL (A76 - Heerlen)
A3 E40 (E42) M yes Bruxelles/Brussel - Leuven - Liège - D (A44 - Aachen)
A4 E411 M yes Bruxelles/Brussel - Namur - Arlon - L (A6 - Luxembourg)
A7 E19 M yes Halle (R0) - Nivelles - Mons - F (A2 - Valenciennes)
A8 E429 M yes Halle - Tournai - F (A27 - Lille)
A10 E40 M yes Bruxelles/Brussel - Gent - Brugge - Oostende
A11 E34 M/D yes (part) Antwerpen - Zelzate N49
A12 M/D yes (part) Bruxelles/Brussel - Boom - Antwerpen - NL (A4 - Bergen op Zoom)
A13 E313 M yes Antwerpen - Hasselt - Liège
A14 E17 M yes Antwerpen - Gent - Kortrijk - F (A22 - Lille)
A15 E42 M yes La Louvière (A7) - Namur - Liège
A16 E42 M yes Mons (A7) - Tournai
A17 E403 M yes Brugge - Kortrijk - Tournai
A18 E40 M yes Brugge (A10) - Veurne - F (A16 - Dunkerque)
A19 M yes Kortrijk - Ieper Planned to Veurne
A21 E34 M yes Antwerpen (A13) - Turnhout - NL (A67 - Eindhoven)
A24 M Hasselt - Neerpelt - NL (N69 - Eindhoven) Formerly planned, downgraded to N74
A25 E25 M yes Liège - NL (A2 - Maastricht)
A26 E25 M yes Liège - Neufchâteau (A4)
A27 E42 M yes Battice - Verviers - Malmédy - D (A60 - Prüm)
A28 E411 M yes Aubange bypass Planned to Arlon (A4)
A54 M yes Nivelles (A7) - Charleroi
A112 M/D Antwerpen - Wilrijk (A12)
A201 M yes Bruxelles/Brussel - Airport
A202 M yes changed to R0 near Waterloo
A501 M yes A7 - La Louvière Formerly A301
A503 M yes Charleroi - Montigny-le-Tilleul (N577)
A601 M no exits connection between A3 and A13 near Liège (Hasselt - Aachen)
A602 M yes Ans (A3/A15) - Liège (A26)
A604 M yes Bierset (A15) - Jemeppe
B roads (second class motorways, mostly dual carriageways without level crossings)
B101 D no exits Mechelen: A1 exit 10 Mechelen-Zuid - N1
B102 D no exits Antwerpen: R1 exit 6 - N70
B201 D no exits Brussel (R0 exit 15A) - Erasme (N282)
B202 D no exits Brussel: Industrielaan (N266) - R0 exit 17
B401 D yes Gent: N422 - A14 exit 9
B402 D no exits Gent: Adolphe Pegoudlaan: A10 exit 14/N43 - R4a
B403 D no exits Gent: R4 exit 7 - A10 exit 16
B501 D no exits Mons: N50 - A7 exit 24
B601 S no exits Sart: A27 exit 8 - N629/N640
B602 S no exits Tilff: A26 exit 41 - N633
B901 D no exits Namur: N90 - A4 exit 15
Ring roads
R0 E19, E40 M/D yes Bruxelles/Brussel (outer)
R1 M yes Antwerpen
R2 M yes Antwerpen (outer)
R3 M yes Charleroi (outer)
R4 M/D/S yes Gent R4a Buitenring
R5 M yes Mons
R6 D Mechelen
R7 M Liège planned
R8 D yes Kortrijk
R9 M (S) yes Charleroi (inner) one-way anti-clockwise, links A54 and A503
R10 D Antwerpen inside R1
R11 D/S Antwerpen: Hoboken (N148) - Wilrijk - Mortsel - Deurne (N12)
R12 D/S Mechelen (inner)
R13 D/S Turnhout
R14 D Geel
R15 S Herentals
R16 D Lier
R20 D Bruxelles/Brussel (inner) - to Koekelberg R20a frontage road Kruidtuinlaan, Leopoldlaan
R21 D/S Bruxelles/Brussel: Neder-Over-Heembeek - Schaarbeek - Etterbeek - Ukkel
R21b Schaarbeek: frontage road Auguste Reyerslaan/Sint-Michielslaan
R21c Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe: Vergoteplein (west)
R21d Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe: Vergoteplein (east)
R22 D/S Brussel
R23 D/S Leuven
R24 D Nivelles
R25 D/S Aarschot
R26 D/S Diest
R27a D/S Tienen
R30b Brugge
R30 D/S Brugge
R31 D Oostende
R32 D/S Roeselare
R33 S Poperinge
R34 S Torhout
R35 D/S Waregem
R36 S Kortrijk
R40 D/S Gent (inner) R40a Nieuwevaart
R41 D/S Aalst
R42 D/S Sint-Niklaas
R50 S Mons
R51 S Charleroi (inner city)
R52 D/S Tournai
R53 S Châtelet
R61 S Verviers
R70 D/S Hasselt (inner)
R71 D Hasselt (outer)
R72 S Tongeren
R73 S Bree