Software Leadership Book

“Leading a Software Development Team” was published in 2001 and is still going strong!

"This is a book for the real world. Suppose you are the team leader of a software project.  You thought you did all the right things at every stage. Yet the project came in three months late and the application crashed continuously when it went live. What could you have done to prevent this?  This book gives the answers.  Structured round common questions which should occur to every new team leader - "How do I earn the respect of my team?", "How do I draw up a project plan?" - it discusses the activities which you need to master."
Donald Matthews, Project Team Leader, AIT

The book is about the place where people issues meet technical decisions.  For example, I explain when it is appropriate to design the architecture of your software around the people available to implement it, rather than on purely technical factors.

The book is broken into short chapters of a few pages each.  One of the most popular seems to be “My boss is useless, what should I do?”!

The book is available from common bookshops such as and  Chinese and Polish translations are available.

One of the best things that came out of writing the book was delivering a training course (and getting a free holiday) in China.

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