Electronics and Mechanical Workshop

Although software development is my primary work, I also have skills in electronics and in mechanical design.

I was an electronics engineer for 10 years and can still "do" electronics (although my mental parts index is now appallingly out of date).  This can be very useful when doing embedded software, microcontroller code and the like.  I do some electronics as a hobby occasionally; typically after breadboarding a design I go straight to surface-mount.

I have a workshop for wood and metal - two lathes (one for each) - and I now have a CNC milling machine.  I have TurboCAD and AutoCAD for design.  Although I enjoy making things by hand in wood, metal or even stone, I find that to get a really neat finish I need to use power tools.  On a recent project I got parts laser cut.

My CNC milling machine, recently used to make a wooden clock: