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An in silico central pattern generator: silicon oscillator, coupling, entrainment, and physical computation PDF Here A Central Pattern Generator implemented directly in silicon 
A Vision Chip for Color Segmentation and Pattern Matching PDF Hear A self contained chip that can recognize objects, directly implemented in hardware (i.e. NO software on board) 
Certain Principles of Biomorphic Robots Download PDF Some principles of biorobots 
CPG Design using inhibitory networks Download PDF Using the principle of inhibition (versus excitation) to control behavior of a CPG 
Detecting Surface Features during locomotion using Optic Flow Download PDF How Optic Flow can be used to control locomotion 
Elegant stepping: A model of visually triggered gait adaptation PDF Hear A CPG/Vision model of how to learn to step over obstacles 
Gait Adaptation in a Quadruped Robot Download PDF Demonstrates Developmental Robotics Approach to Locomotion 
Genetic Programming Approach to the Construction of a Neural Network for Control of a Walking Machine PDF Download Shows how to use GAs to Design a Neural Network in a Real Robot 
High precision formation control of mobile robots using virtual structures PDF Here Intruduces the Concept of Virtual Structures of Formation Control 
How to build spiking CPG modes using Python Download PDF Intro to motor control using spiking neurons 
Neurorobotics Primer Download PDF Tutorial on basic biorobots 
On the design of walking machines using biarticular muscles Download PDF Study of energy transfer in a biartucular robot 
Perception driven robot locomotion Download PDF What is Perception? 
Robotic Biarticulate Muscle Leg Model Download PDF Robotic Biarticular muscles 
Strategies and determinants for selection of alternate foot placement during human locomotion: influence of spatial and temporal constraints PDF Here Insight as to how humans choose foot placement 
The Behavioral Self-Organization of Nanorobots using Local Rules Download PDF How Might Robots be Used in Brain Surgery?  
Toward Ultra High Speed Locomotors: Design and Test of a Cheetah Robot Hind Limb   
Toward Ultra High Speed Locomotors: Design and Test of a Cheetah Robot Hind Limb   
Visual Navigation in a Robot using Zig-Zag Behavior Download PDF Why Zig-Zaging movement enhances perception 
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Feb 13, 2011, 9:27 AM