- RnP4e * SMiLeZ PLaCe -*- RnP4e * SMiLeZ PLaCe -


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RnP4e - iT'z LiKe ThaT

My PLaCe To B Me- a WoRLd oNLy i CaN TRueLy See, N a sPoT THaT FeeLs MoRe LiKe HoMe, ThaN The PLaCe I LiVe. The oNLy PLaCe THaT DoeSnT JuDGe Me 4 Who I Am.... Or 
Wh0 I Am NoT, N ChaLLeNgeS Me 2 aLWaYz LeaRn MoRe.
A WoRLd ThaT i See MyseLF HoW i FeeL I am. 
A PLaCe That MaKeZ Me SmiLe, N iM PRouD of WhaT i HaVe
De Or DeSiGneD n No oNe
CaN TaKe ThaT aWaY FRoM Me...