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On this page you can view an assortment of information that pertains to our current project (MD Website) that can be seen at www.drwinkfield.com. The information that can be found at this site includes risks and issues, project timeline, current tasks, project documents, recent updates, and contact information. Additionally, you can view our website on our University's site (provided you're on campus) at cisprojects.utpa.edu/DrWinkfield. To give a quick overview of our project, our project sponsor, Dr. Winkfield, tasked us with creating a website that was visually appealing and adhered to the design guidelines that are prevalent in her clinic. We have been in close contact with Dr. Winkfield and have found that constant communication and transparency are key to a successful project. We have provided a few documents that reflect the work we have done so far. Any questions about the project should be directed to any of the current members at RNK Development.

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