Sarubobo Crochet Dolls

Crochet pattern by Needles & Brushes 2 

 copyright 2009 All rights reserved.

Sarubobo are traditional japanese good luck dolls. The name is literally translated from the Japanese as "a baby monkey".
Traditionally made with cloth, the differently coloured sarubobos are each associated with different wishes -
    * Blue sarubobo - for luck in study and work
    * Pink sarubobo - for luck in love
    * Green sarubobo - for luck in health
    * Yellow sarubobo - for luck in money
    * Black sarubobo - to remove bad luck.

Personally, I make Sarubobo because I think they are just cute! You will be amazed by how easily and quickly you can crochet them. They are perfect for using up left over yarn and thread. The dolls in the photographs have been made with lace and fingering weight yarn.
The size varies from 5cm to 6.5cm.
This is what you will need -

 yarn of different weight and color, crochet hooks of recommended size for the yarn you will be using, your favourite filler, sewing needle, a colored button, a piece of plastic coated wire about 12cm long, scissors.

This pattern is a step-by-step tutorial. It includes instructions for making:
Sarubobo pincushion
Sarubobo keychain
Sarubobo fridgie
Sarubobo mama and baby
Sarubobo flying with ballons

Pattern will be sent via e-mail in pdf format within 24h from purchase and payment.

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