squares and fans cushion



Symbols:                                                                                            Abbreviations:    

treble                                                                                  tr           treble

double treble                                                                      dtr        double   treble

chain                                                                                 ch        chain

single crochet                                                                   sc         single crochet

double crochet                                                                  skp       skip

                                                                                                 sl st     slip stitch

                                                                                                 dc        double crochet


ch 189.

dc in  the  9th  ch from hook, ch 2, skp  2 ch, *dc, ch2, skp 2 ch*.

Repeat from * to* to the end of row, dc, turn work.

Proceed following scheme.


sc in the corner signed with "x" in the scheme.

Proceed following scheme.

Note: the first tr of each round is substituted by 4 ch. Each round closes with a sl st worked in the 4th of the 4 ch worked at the beginning of round. 







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