Welcome to the Roswell North Elementary Dads Club page!  
This is a small, static page that let's you know what we are about and has links to our social media sites as well as the current calendar so you can keep up to date with all of the latest happenings in the RNE Dads Club.  This site itself will not change much but we wanted you to have a single landing page for all things Dads Club so you would know where to go.

What exactly is this Dads Club thing?
The RNE Dads Club was created in 2008 with the main goal of getting more dads involved with RNE interacting with the faculty, students, and their children.  It started small with helping out on car pool duty, greeting kids as they entered the school, and reading events.  It has now grown to large group of dads (350+) at last count with numerous activities throughout the year.  The goal continues to be to get dads (and other fatherly figures) into the classroom interacting with kids in all of the grades.  

Throughout the year, we organize fun events, support PTA events, and support other school functions.  Overall, we do not seek to raise money for the school or the PTA.  The main goal is dad involvement at the school and with the students.

We are constantly looking for new events to introduce, but also have several recurring activities that we are involved in each year:
  • Car Pool Fridays - Every Friday, we take over the car pool lane and front hall from the teachers and faculty greeting kids as they get to school with smiles and high fives.  We need at least 6-8 dads each Friday to keep this running smoothly.  Can always use a few dads in the cafeteria as well.  No sign-up needed.  If you can be there, we'll find a spot for you.
  • Reading With Dads - We have 4 planned events for the year where we'll get 2 dads per class (PK - 2) to come in and read a story (or two) to the class before the day gets started.  Always a favorite for the kids and dads alike.  Watch for the announcements on sign-up for these.
  • Roswell Youth Day Parade (RNE Float) - Held in early October each year, we get the honor and privilege to create the float for the annual Roswell Youth Day parade.  If you ever did this in college as part of the Greek system (or maybe on a larger scale for Mardi Gras or some other parade), you get the idea.  A few busy days (and late nights) creating a float for the parade representing RNE based on the theme of the year.  This one, we need all the support we can get.  Those with design and carpentry skills greatly appreciated!
  • Dads Club vs. Teachers Kickball Game - So popular, we're now doing this TWICE a year.  Started as a flag football game but we have shifted to kickball.  Dads vs. Teachers for bragging rights.  For these games we do look to collect food and clothing with all proceeds going directly to RNE Bears Care.  And, don't worry we have medical staff on hand for any injuries!
  • Bear Dad of the Day - A new activity from 2015.  You get to spend about a half day with three teachers/classes (including your child's) helping them out with an activity.  Day is capped off with being able to eat lunch with your child and their class.  One dad per day on the days allowed.  Spaces run out quick so watch out for this when we get the schedule out.

If you have an idea for an event, please let us know.  Be on the lookout for sign-ups for the above events and more to come.

I want to help and participate.  Where can I find the details and sign-up?
Our main form of communication is via email (make sure you are on our mailing list).  The goal is one main email each month, but we do send out a few more with special announcements as needed.  Make sure that you have RNEDadsClub@gmail.com as a safe sender in your email client.  Otherwise, we may get lost in the Junk and Spam folders.  If you are not on our list currently, please send us an email an we'll add you in.

Additionally You can find us on Facebook, and for 2016, Twitter as well (better late than never, right?).  You can also find our current calendar of events on the Dads Club Calendar.

What is the one thing I really need to do?
To be successful, we need you to participate.  And, to participate, we ask one thing.  Well, actually two.  

First, come to have fun.  The kids feed off of us and look to us.  Smile and be positive.  It goes a long way.

Second, we live in a different world than when many of us grew up.  We have to be prepared for that.  So, the one thing Fulton County absolutely requires us to do is if we are to volunteer at school we have to register as a volunteer and take a small little training course.  Takes just a few minutes of your time online and then showing your ID the first time you come to the school.  You can complete the volunteer registration here.  Please do this as soon as you can.  It can take 24 - 48 hours for it to hit the school's system so we don't want you to get caught in a bind.

Other Useful Links
And, lastly, a few additional, useful links for you if you don't already have them:

Calendar of Events