Special Considerations

RNC Training Equality and Diversity Policy guarantees a fair assessment for all candidates; it is permissible, when necessary, to arrange for special consideration to be given to candidates who suffer temporary illness, injury or indisposition, be it emotional or physical, that may affect performance at the time of assessment.

Special Consideration is a post examination adjustment to the marks of a candidate’s examination paper or the rearrangement of an examination time and/or date.

Any special considerations made:

· Must treat candidates fairly

· Must not invalidate the assessment requirements set out in the specification for the relevant qualification

· Must require the candidate to fully meet the assessment requirements,

· Must not give the candidate an unfair advantage compared to candidates for whom special considerations are not being made

· Must maintain the relevance, reliability and comparability of the assessment.

Conditions for Eligibility to Special Considerations

Candidates must have attended the course for the appropriate amount of hours and have been fully prepared by the tutor to take the assessment, but if performance in the examination or in the production of coursework is affected by adverse circumstances beyond their control. Special Consideration will be given to:

1. Temporary illness, or accident, or injury at the time of assessment, but not a long-term illness.

2. Being involved in an accident or assisting at the scene of an accident.

3. Bereavement of a family member, relative or close friend while participating on the course or at the time of assessment.

4. A domestic crisis at the time of assessment, such as a fire, or flood, but not moving house or taking holidays.

5. Serious disturbance during an examination, such as evacuation of the premises, or noisy/disruptive building work, but not mobile phones going off.

6. Accidental events such as being given the wrong examination paper, being given a defective examination paper or the examination papers not arriving on time.

7. Participation in sporting events at international level at the time of assessment.

8. Failure of practical equipment, such as resuscitation manikins.

9. Failure by the course organiser or course tutor to implement previously agreed ‘Access Arrangements’.

10. If a situation arises where candidates have been prepared for the assessment but the wrong texts have been used (out of date manuals, other organisations manuals etc.), this will be investigated on a case-by-case basis with the objective of treating the candidates fairly without compromising the relevance, reliability and comparability of the assessment.

Candidates will not be eligible for Special Consideration if performance in the examination or in the production of course work is affected by:

1. Committing a crime

2. Consuming alcohol or any other non-prescribed drugs

3. Failure to attend the prescribed sessions

4. Misreading question paper instructions and answering the wrong questions

5. Failure to request Access Arrangements in sufficient time

Candidates may still decide to undertake a qualification knowing they cannot fulfil the assessment requirements, in these situations a Certificate of Attendance may be issued.

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