Internal Quality Assurance Policy

The Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) is the driver of quality assurance in qualifications, both within national frameworks and within the quality and management systems of RNC Training. The role, in terms of managing assessment so that it consistently meets Highfield qualifications and STA standard to maintain public confidence in each and every qualification issued. Therefore internal quality assurance is a key factor in managing ‘risk’ and ensuring that when certificates are claimed for learners the requirements of the Highfield qualifications and STA standards have been reliably met.

It is in everyone’s interest for the delivery of training, assessment and quality assurance of qualifications to be of the highest quality.

• Improved learner experience

• Raised learner achievement rates

• Increased learner retention rates

• Regulatory requirements are met

• Support for other planning and monitoring processes such as self-assessment.

There are four main aspects to the Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) role:

• Plan, operate and evaluate internal assessment and quality assurance systems

• Support and develop tutors and/or assessors

• Monitor and improve the quality of assessment practice

• Apply policies, procedures and legislation to meet external/regulatory requirements.

The IQA must sample the full range of delivery and assessment methods used for any qualification eg

• Learning delivery / engagement

• Observation of performance

• Professional discussion

• Oral and written questioning

• Assessment of learner work

• Examination of work products

RNC Training tutors will review the feedback from learners following every course for consideration.

RNC training will ensure that an IQA will take place after every third course and an observation every 20 registered courses or twice a year, whichever comes first for Highfield ABC courses. This will be readdressed following any appropriate action points.

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Reviewed February 2020