Examination/Invigilation Procedures

Theory Examination

The room should be quiet and large enough. It must contain sufficient furniture to accommodate all the candidates in comfort while they carry out the examination.

Pool Based Practical Examination

The duration of time that the pool will be hired depends on the size, the number of candidates, the number of examiners and the number of simulated casualties or pupils that are available.

The course organiser or his representative is expected to be present for the duration of the practical examination.


The course organiser is responsible for providing examiners approved by the Association.

An examiner may not examine more than 3 consecutive courses tutored by the same tutor.

Examiners must be completely independent from tutors. People in the following close relationships may not examine for each other:

· Husband and Wife

· Live-in Partners

· Members of the same family

· Line Managers

Tutors/teachers/examiners must not assess or examine members of their own family.


A suitable invigilator for the final multiple-choice examination papers can be the course tutor or the examiner. The regulations must be followed and the Invigilator Form signed by the invigilator and witnessed by one of the candidates. The course examiner will record the candidates scores on the appropriate marking sheet and all the examination papers must be returned to the awarding body including those unused. Enough space must be provided to prevent a candidate from viewing another candidate’s paper.

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