Conflict of Interest

This Policy applies to all staff, full time or sub contracted.

All staff from RNC Training will strive to avoid any conflict of interest between the interests of the Organization on the one hand, and personal, professional, and business interests on the other. This includes avoiding actual conflicts of interest as well as the perception of conflicts of interest.

The purposes of this policy is to protect the integrity of the RNC Training's decision-making process, to enable our stakeholders to have confidence in our integrity, and to protect the integrity and reputation of volunteers and staff.

It is the responsibility of each individual to recognise situations in which he or she has a conflict of interest, or might reasonably be seen by others to have a conflict, to disclose that conflict to the appropriate person and to take such further steps as may be appropriate.

If an individual is uncertain about how this Policy might affect his or her activities or has any questions about its application, he or she should contact the director of RNC Training.

RNC Training

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