Pool Safety Award for Teachers


Candidates must be 14 years of age or older.


6 hours.

Who is it for?

Holders of a Swimming Award for Teachers (SAT) are able to act as a poolside responder, trained in pool rescue, adult/child CPR techniques and first aid competent to deal with poolside emergencies as defined in the Association of Physical Education publication “Safe Practice in Physical Education and School Sport” 2008.

Course content includes:

  • Unit 1—Introduction to Pool Rescue
  • Understand the importance of the relevance of duty of care;
  • Outline Health and Safety Legislation;
  • List the topics of the Pool Safety Operating Procedures (PSOP) which includes the Normal Operating
  • Normal Operating Procedures (NOP) and Emergency Action Plan (EAP);
  • Outline the steps of risk assessment;
  • Evaluate Pool Features;
  • Identify causes of spinal injuries;
  • List the priorities of managing a spinal injury;
  • Outline spinal injury management procedures;
  • Outline rescue procedures used from the poolside;
  • Relate the appropriate tows to the appropriate casualties;
  • Outline the procedures for recovering casualties from the water;
  • Outline the appropriate tows for various casualties;
  • State the personal safety aspects a rescuer should be aware;
  • State the guidelines for safe lifting;
  • State the pool alarm systems in common use;
  • State the pool signage in common use;
  • State the pool rescue aids in common use;
  • State the hazards found in and around swimming pools;
  • Demonstrate rescuing using various rescue aids;
  • Demonstrate recovering a simulated body from the deepest part of the pool;
  • Demonstrate rescuing various simulated casualties.
  • Unit 2—Basic Life Support and Aquatic First Aid
  • Outline the Aims and Priorities of First Aid;
  • List the sequence for managing an emergency;
  • Outline the guidance for Basic Life Support (BLS);
  • Demonstrate handling a live simulated casualty;
  • Demonstrate CPR on an adult and child manikin;
  • Demonstrate the management of a suspected spinal injury casualty.


Continual assessment by the course trainer.


Valid for 2 years.


PRICE: per group at your venue for up to 10 persons, from £460

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