Welcome to Finn Werner's RNAP laboratory!

    Finn Werner's RNAP laboratory at the ISMB is following a focused research programme, which aims at characterising the molecular mechanisms of transcription. The major asset of our laboratory is a recombinant 12-subunit archaeal RNAP, which represents a unique and powerful tool to study transcription of transcription in vitro. Our system is due to its superior biochemical tractability ideally suited to delineate the mechanisms of its eukaryotic counterparts that are not amenable to rigorous analysis in vitro. The technical expertise in our laboratory is rooted in strong biochemistry, molecular biology and biophysics, we have highly productive collaborations with structural biologists and chemists, and we are increasingly introducing sophisticated tools to our system including fluorescence and electron spin resonance methods. We believe that this multidisciplinary approach is essential to address important questions about gene expression at the atomic level in the future. Using this strategy we continue making world-class contributions to the field of gene expression.

RNAP lab News:

-14th November 2018
New publication: Our Review Article "The cutting edge of archaeal transcription" is now online.

-10th September 2018
Welcome to Simona and Dorota, who joined the lab as  postdoctoral fellows.

-20th July 2018:
Many congratulations to Sapir Ofer who has just passed her PhD viva!

- 30th April 2018:
Our paper was selected as the "Article of the Month" by SFBBM (Société Francaise de Biochemie et Biologie Moleculaire)!

- 13th April 2018:
Congratulations to Gwenny who won the best poster prize at MICROBIOLOGY@UCL symposium 2018!

- 4th January 2018
New publication: Blombach F. et al., "Structural and functional adaptation of Haloferax volcanii TFEα/β" is now online

- 4th December 2017:
New publication: Fouqueau T. et al., "The transcript cleavage factor paralogue TFS4 is a potent RNA polymerase inhibitor" is now online

- 7th July 2017:
New publication: Sheppard, C. & Werner F., "Structure and mechanisms of viral transcription factors in archaea" is now online

- 1st July 2017:
New publication: Fouqueau T, Blombach F, & Werner F., "Evolutionary Origins of Two-Barrel RNA Polymerases and Site-Specific Transcription Initiation" is now online

- 30th June 2017: 
Congratulations to Sapir Ofer and Stefan Schwenk (Arnvig lab)  who were awarded prizes for best oral presentation and best poster presentation, respectively, at ISMB retreat 2017.

 - 4th March 2017: 

- 24th November 2016: 
New publication: Sheppard, C. et al, "Repression of RNA polymerase by the archaeo-viral regulator ORF145/RIP" is now online

 - 25th April 2016:

 - 2nd August 2015:
Congratulations to Thomas Fouqueau winning the prize for the best poster presentation at 2015 Gordon Research Conference on Archaea: Metabolism, Ecology and Molecular Biology alongside Alex Wagner from Sonja Albers' laboratory.

 -12th June 2015:

 -12th February 2015: 
New publication: Huber, SM. et al, "Formation and Abundance of 5-Hydroxymethylcytosine in RNA." is now online

-30th January 2015:

-09th January 2015:
Congratulations to Daniel Fielden  who was awarded prize for best poster presentation at 13th UK Archaea Workshop.

-24th October 2014:
Many congratulations to Daniel Fielden who has just passed his PhD viva! (More pictures here)

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