Fabrication at it's finest

  • Miller 200 DX Tig Welder
  • 200 Amp Wire Welder
  • Victor O/A Torch Set up
  • Tubing Notchers
  • Various Grinding & Finishing Equipment
  • Painting
Fabrication at RMS Machine is an area of pride and quality. 
We fabricate every piece as if it was on our own piece of equipment.  A large part of our fabrication is in the area of motorsports where our customers expect a high level of craftsmenship and attention to detail.  We have the ability to perform all basic fabrication of mild steel, alloy steel, aluminum, and
stainless steel.  TIG and MIG welding is offered based on the desired strength and finish of the weldment.  When we combine our commitment to quality with our equipment and abilities, fabrication projects are second to none.
Give us a call to discuss your fabrication needs!!!!