About Us

RMS Machine can trace its roots to the late 1980's when Ryan Schroeder began competing in local tractor pulling competitions on the family's Farmall H & M.  At the time these were nothing more that highly tuned stock tractors.  1995 brought the construction of a 1941 Farmall M specifically built for pulling.  To further the education and understanding of equipment and engine designing Ryan attended the University of Nebraska at Lincoln majoring in Mechanical Engineering.  Studies focused on Engine Dynamics, Thermodynamics and Fluid Dynamics.  Engineering Projects included designing and building a computerized flowbench for cylinder head modifications.  During this time Ryan continued competition with his Farmall M on the NATPA winter circuits gathering points titles in the highly competitive 5000 & 5500 pound division III classes.  Due to the success of the tractor competitors began to seek Ryan out to provide modifications for their tractors.  The business slowly evolved into RMS Machine where we now provide custom engine modifications and machining along with industrial machining and fabrication.  RMS Machine components can be found throughout the midwest in successful tractors from antiques to diesel superstocks.