RM SAMPE Chapter
invites you to our March Meeting, a visit to 

 Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP)

Boulder, CO

Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP)has a long history of involvement in space missions, beginning in the 1960s and remaining strong today. On any individual mission, LASP may have one or more roles: science direction and research; engineering of an individual instrument or component; engineering of an entire instrument suite; mission operations of individual instruments; or mission operations for the spacecraft as a whole.

CU undergraduate and graduate students are typically involved as part of any mission work that LASP undertakes. Sometimes, student teams lead instrument development under the supervision of professionals; examples include the Student Nitric Oxide Explorer, the Solar Mesosphere Explorer, and the Student Dust Counter

Note:  The Facility Tour will include stops in the lobby (which contains many interesting spacecraft/instruments, models, and historical objects), the engineering labs (including several Class 10,000 clean rooms), the machine shop for building instruments, and the Mission Operations Center from which students and professionals operate satellites. 

For directions to meeting location click here:  LSTB facility

For more info on LASP click here: LASP Introduction

For more info on the machine shop click here:  machine shop 

    Please RSVP to Richard Merschel  rich20029@aol.com

    4 photos below are of the LASP facility:


    Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering

    Rocky Mountain Professional Chapter

    Welcome to Rocky Mountain SAMPE, the chapter for professionals of the composites industry located near the Colorado Rocky Mountains. About 2/3 of our membership is based in Colorado, with most of the other 1/3 spread throughout Wyoming, South Dakota (student), Nebraska, Montana, and North Dakota.

    SAMPE Mission Statement:

    The Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering is a global, member-governed volunteer, not for profit organization. The organization is to supply information for the advancement of materials and processes; opportunities for career development within the materials and processes community; and education in the fundamentals of materials and process technologies. These shall be offered to the professional members, to the student members and to the industry in a financially responsible manner and with professional integrity.