(This is a truncated version of my CV.  For my complete CV, click here (pdf).)


University of Washington 2007 - 2013

Ph.D. in Ecology (2013)

Thesis Advisor: Jonathan Bakker

University of Arizona 2002 - 2006

B.S. with Honors in Veterinary Science , Summa Cum Laude (2006)

Current Position

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow in Biology and Math

Duke University

Advisor: Justin Wright

Refereed Publications

Mitchell, R. M. , J.P. Wright. Does Intraspecic trait expression dier between optimal and sub-optimal habitats? In Review. 

Schliep, E.M., A.E. Gelfand,  R. M. Mitchell, M.E. Aiello-Lammens, and J.A. Silander. Assessing the joint behavior of species traits as ltered by environment. In Review. 

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Mitchell, R. M. and J.D. Bakker. 2013. Quantifying and comparing intraspecic functional trait variability: A case study with Hypochaeris radicata. Functional Ecology. 28 (1), 258-269.

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