As a plant ecologist, I am fascinated by the diversity of life and how this diversity shapes communities and ecosystem function.  I am particularly interested in plant functional traits, the variation present within and among species, and how this variation affects ecosystem function and communities in a changing world.  My research focuses on quantifying the extent of variation in plant functional traits, and determining how this variation impacts community dynamics and ecosystem function  

In addition to  research, I am also very involved in science outreach and communication.  I am a co-founder of the Engage project at the University of Washington and a Science Communication Fellow through the Pacific Science Center

I am also dedicated to teaching and education.  I have taught courses in science communication at both the undergraduate and graduate level, as well as several courses as a Project for Interdisciplinary Pedagogy Teaching Fellow.


Rachel M. Mitchell, PhD
National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow in Biology
Duke University
Box 90336
Durham, NC, 27708
rmm57 (at) duke.edu
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