GRWC 2014 - Denver, CO

July 27 – August 9, 2014 --- Denver, CO

Co - Hosted by

The University of Colorado Denver and

The University of Denver
A 2-week collaborative research workshop for experienced graduate students from all areas of combinatorics.  Students will work in collaborative groups with faculty and postdocs on research problems from across the discipline.   The workshop will also host a variety of professional development workshops to prepare students and postdocs for the job hunt and their transition to the professoriate. 

The workshop will be centered on problems developed and presented by students and postdocs, who will work together with a faculty mentor from the organizing committee.  Please see the Workshop Format page for more information about the structure of the workshop.

Postdoc/Student Funding & Application Instructions
We anticipate funding (travel, meal stipend and lodging) for up to 15 graduate students and 2 postdocs from outside of the organizing institutions.  Please see the Application Instructions page for instructions on how to apply. 

Please email with any questions.  

Support Generously Provided By the National Science Foundation

And by the GRWC organizing institutions.


Organizing Committee

The organizing committee consists of a group of accomplished scholars from the organizing institutions with a diverse collection of research interests.

 Faculty Institution Research Interests
 Steve ButlerIowa State University Enumerative Combinatorics, Linear Algebra, Spectral Graph Theory 
 Mike FerraraUniversity of Colorado DenverStructural and Extremal Graph Theory
 Ellen GethnerUniversity of Colorado Denver Discrete and Computational Geometry, Graph Coloring,Topological Graph Theory, Algorithmic Graph Theory
 Stephen HartkeUniversity of Nebraska - LincolnComputational Methods in Combinatorics, Structural andExtremal Graph Theory
 Leslie HogbenIowa State University Combinatorial Matrix Theory and Spectral Graph Theory
 Paul HornUniversity of DenverProbabilistic Combinatorics, Spectral Graph Theory, Geometric Methods, Analysis of Complex Networks
 Sogol JahanbekamUniversity of Colorado Denver Extremal Graph Theory, Graph Coloring, Polynomial Methods
 Ryan MartinIowa State UniversityProbabilistic and Extremal Combinatorics, Partially Ordered Sets, Applications of Szemerédi's Regularity Lemma
 Florian PfenderUniversity of Colorado Denver Extremal Combinatorics, Graph Colorings, Flag Algebras and Dual Methods 
 Jamie RadcliffeUniversity of Nebraska - LincolnAlgebraic and Probabilistic Combinatorics, GraphHomomorphisms
 Bryan ShaderUniversity of Wyoming Combinatorial Matrix Theory 
 Derrick StoleeIowa State University Computational Methods in Combinatorics, Structural Graph Theory
 Jason WillifordUniversity of Wyoming Finite Geometry, Algebraic Graph Theory, Association Schemes,Extremal Graph Theory
 Michael YoungIowa State University  Extremal Combinatorics, Combinatorial Matrix Theory, Flag Algebras and Dual Methods, Partially Ordered Sets

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