Application Instructions

Applications will be accepted starting February 1, 2017. 

The program is for students currently enrolled in a graduate program in Mathematics or a related field, new Ph.D. recepients who graduated in the spring semester prior to the workshop, or current postdoctoral researchers.

To apply, you must provide a current CV, a statement of interest, a proposed research problem (1-2 pages) that may be selected to be presented during the workshop, and a letter of support from your research advisor. All application materials should be emailed to 

 We will begin considering applications on March 1st, 2017 and will start sending out invitations in mid to late March. We will continue accepting applications until our positions are full, although we anticipate most or all slots will be filled by mid-April at the latest.

Proposed Research Problem

The proposed research problem should be an open problem where a group of graduate students can make some progress in two weeks. Please do not submit long-standing conjectures that are too difficult to approach in this time span. Problems that succeed at the workshop have several directions for attack and can have several partial results that can lead to larger theorems.

The 1-2 page proposal should include all necessary definitions (those that would not appear in a common undergraduate course), a brief overview of the previous work (with citations), a statement of the problem or conjecture, and a concrete plan for how to begin working on the problem.

The Problem Garden contains a list of previous problem proposals. Use these as examples for how to format your proposal. Previously proposed problems are unlikely to be considered again, but if the problem has multiple aspects, you should specifically state how your proposal differs from previous proposals.

Statement of Interest

The statement of interest, a key part of the application process, should be at most 2 pages, and address (a) the applicant's research interests and experiences, and (b) the potential benefits to the applicant should they be selected to participate in the workshop.

We recommend putting some thought into your statement, as it is an important part of how the organizing committee selects participants each year.