The Ventures Program seeks to identify students who are performing significantly above their same age peers.  The identification process includes the screening of report cards, teacher referrals, assessments, and rating scales that look for characteristics of giftedness. 

After students have been identified, a Professional Development Team establishes a differentiated program for each student.  Pupil goals are challenging, but also provide unique opportunities for students. Instructional models are implemented that encourage children to relate their learning to all aspects of the world.  All assignments and activities are aligned to the Maine Learning Results and Common Core Standards.  

Ventures students often take part in enrichment opportunities, which are provided for all students.  This integration positively impacts our entire student body. Examples of enrichment activities include:  Destination Imagination, Robotics, Math Team, Books N’ Bagels, School Newspapers, Concerts, Music Festivals, and Art Clubs. 

The Ventures Program is centered by our belief in diversity; recognizing and appreciating the unique qualities of students and providing appropriate educational opportunities for them through differentiated instruction. Teachers use differentiated instruction to identify learning styles and interests of each pupil. Once these have been established, educators are able to tailor the classroom environment and their instruction to meet various needs. Differentiated Instruction often leads to project-based assignments, which allows students to dive deeper into the topic at hand.

Specific needs of Ventures students are met through a continuum of services.  Individualized Learning Plans may include goals specific to an area of interest. These goals are often met through independent studies, computer programs, mentorship, and volunteerism.  Secondary students, who are part of the Ventures Program, often take part in Advanced Placement and Early College Courses.  

For further information concerning the Ventures Gifted and Talented Program please contact:

Chad Fitzsimmons
Assistant Principal
Ventures Coordinator
Rose M. Gaffney Elementary