Internet Access and Rules

Internet access is available at Rose M. Gaffney

Terms of Agreement

The Maine Learning Technology Initiative (MLTI) program is intended to enable the integration of appropriate technologies into teaching and learning for the State's elementary and secondary students. The device is the property of the State of Maine and is assigned to the Machias School Department which grants permission to the student to have limited use of the device as described in this agreement. The use of the device is a privilege, not a right. The student is responsible for the proper care and appropriate use of this device at all times. The device cannot be loaned, sold, bartered, traded, leased, rented or given to any other person or persons without the express, written consent of the school. The permission granted to the student ceases on the last calendar day of this current school year (unless terminated earlier by the school department) and failure to return the said device on or before that date to the building technology coordinator or principal could result in criminal charges being sought against the student and/or the person who has possession of the device. Machias School Department reserves the right to demand the immediate return of the device at any time.

Acceptable Use Agreement

I have read the Student Computer and Internet Use Policy. I understand that the Internet is a worldwide group of hundreds of thousands of computer networks. I agree that the Machias School Department does not control the content of these Internet networks. I understand that if my child violates the Student Computer and Internet Use Policy, that his/her privilege to use the school Internet and an MLTI device may be revoked and is subject to disciplinary action. The full policy can be found in the student handbook and a summary is printed on the back of this agreement. Damage and Repair Agreement I understand that I may be liable for damages, which are not deemed “accidental,” to the device that has been issued to my child. I also understand that the replacement cost of a school issued device is approximately $1,300. If the device has a failure of an internal part, it will be covered by a warranty and will be repaired at no cost to me.

Student Computer and Internet Use Policy

Acceptable Use of Devices Use of the Machias School Department Internet system and computers is a privilege, not a right. The school department has the right to place reasonable restrictions on the material you access or post through the system. You must comply with the policies and rules concerning computer and Internet use. The building principal shall have final authority to decide whether a student’s privileges will be denied or revoked. Student devices can be checked at any time, at the discretion of a Teacher or the IT Staff. The Machias School Department’s Internet system has been established for educational purposes. You will not use the school department’s Internet system or computers for non-school related purposes such as private financial gain, commercial, advertising or solicitation purposes, or for any other personal use, including non-educational games. You will not access inappropriate materials by submitting, posting, publishing, forwarding, downloading, scanning or displaying materials that are defamatory, abusive, obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, sexually suggestive, threatening, discriminatory, harassing and/or illegal. You will not use the school Internet system to engage in any other illegal act, such as arranging for a drug sale or the purchase of alcohol, engaging in criminal gang activity, threatening the safety of person(s), violating copyrights, etc. Downloading or copying software, music, movies, or any other copyrighted material is not permitted without the express approval of the owner. You will not disclose your full name or any other personal contact information on the Internet without prior permission from a supervising teacher. Personal contact information includes your name together with other information that would allow an individual to locate you, including, but not limited to, your parent's name, your home address or location, your work address or location, or your phone number. You will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to or to disrupt the school Internet system or to any other computer system through the school Internet system or go beyond your authorized access. This includes attempting to log in through another person's account or access another person's files, destroying data by spreading computer viruses, by any malicious attempt to harm or destroy data or hardware. You will not use obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening, or disrespectful language. You will not harass another person. Harassment is persistently acting in a manner that distresses or annoys another person. If you are told by a person to stop sending them messages, you must stop. You will not knowingly or recklessly post false or defamatory

information about a person or organization. Machias School Department retains control, custody and supervision of all devices, networks, and Internet services owned or leased by the school department. The school department reserves the right to monitor all device and Internet activity by students. Students have no expectations of privacy in their use of school computing devices, including school e-mail and stored files.

MLTI Device Responsibilities

You are responsible for your device, charger, and case at all times.

This device is a delicate electronic device and should be treated with care.

Please carry in the designated carrying case, and by the handle of the case.

Your device should never be left unattended.

When in the school, the device should either be with the student or stored in its designated storage location.

The Device should never be left outside lying on the ground.

Operate your device on a flat and stable surface.

Do not put it on a stack of books or papers, even when not in use.

Your device should be clean at all times.

Do not write, or put stickers on the student device or laptop case.

Do not lend your device to anyone.

Remember that you are responsible for the device at all times.

MLTI Student Parent Laptop Agreement