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Dear RMG Family,

Typically at this time of year we would be well into basketball season.  We would be planning christmas concerts, caroling around town, and participating in Light a Life at DECH.  We would be hosting the DECH Auxiliary Craft Fair, preparing for the PAWS Christmas Tree Shop, and awaiting the annual christmas drama club play.  Yes, many things are changed, and many things are missing altogether.  As we approach Thanksgiving it would be easy to think about everything and everyone that will be absent from this, and perhaps the Christmas, Holiday.  

 However, I am reminded that the traditions that we cherish were created over time.  They were created as a way to outwardly celebrate the positive aspects of the human spirit that we still hold within us.  While we enjoy traditions and celebrations, it is the meaning behind them for which we are essentially grateful.  Although our celebrations will be more intimate this year, we continue to have many reasons to be thankful during this holiday season.  

As part of the RMG Family we are thankful for the support of our families who continually express gratitude in spite of the struggles that they are personally experiencing.  We are thankful for the hard work and flexibility of our teachers and parents who work in partnership to educate our students.  We are thankful for our staff members who work tirelessly to support our teachers, our students, and our families by providing educational support, preparing meals, providing transportation, working to keep our students safe and healthy, and working to provide a clean facility in which our students work and play. We are thankful for our community members whose support provides resources essential to operating a school that the community can be proud of.  We are thankful for all of our health care providers, especially our school nurses who are going above and beyond to keep us safe as we work collaboratively to eradicate this horrible illness. The following paragraph is an excerpt from the Department of Education Media release listed below.  

“Nurses are heroes, they step up every day to the ever-changing challenges no matter the situation, even if it means stepping out of retirement,” said Emily Poland, DOE School Nurse Consultant. “School nurses are no different; they are dedicated to keeping their students in school and ready to learn, but this requires a lot of effort in monitoring symptoms that students have, referring to primary care providers, and communicating with families, all while attending to the various health needs of all students in the school on any given day. I am proud to be among the ranks of Maine nurses." 

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday, count blessings, socially distance, wear a mask, sanitize your hands, and come back to us healthy and safe!!!

I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!  

Mrs. Fragale (Joyce)


Following please find important notices from the Department of Education.

MEDIA RELEASE: Maine Department of Education Announces New Team to Support Contact Tracing in Schools 

Below please find guidance from the Department of Education Concerning the upcoming Holidays.  

As we see the escalating impact  of COVID-19 across our state and the nation, we recognize that friends and families are looking for ways to connect and to maintain normal traditions in an abnormal time. As the holiday season approaches, it is critically important that our school communities continue to do everything we can in order to keep our schools safe.

This may mean making the safe and difficult choice to limit holiday gathering and travel, as we know that both have additional risks for exposure and transmission of the virus. The United States Center for Disease Control has issued strong guidance to the American people to limit our interactions and travel this holiday season, so that we can all gather safely in the future. Further details of the CDC’s recommendations can be found, here.  

Based on the recommendations of the community health experts, we strongly encourage our staff and students to celebrate each holiday within your current household only, and to limit any large gatherings.

Any staff or students who travel to any state other than New Hampshire or Vermont (no restrictions for these two states only as of 11/16/20; subject to change), they will be required to either

1.     quarantine for 14 days upon return to Maine, or

2.     quarantine until receiving a negative test result. The test must be taken either:

a.     in the state you are visiting and no more than 72 hours prior to your return to Maine, or

b.     once you return to Maine.

Any staff or students who have travelled to restricted states will not be permitted inside the school building until either the negative test result or 14 days has occurred.
This is not dependent on the length of time spent within the restricted states, meaning that a day visit still requires any person to quarantine for 14 days or until a negative test result is confirmed. All members of the household who travel must test or quarantine if over 12 months old. Testing site information for Maine can be found, here.
Any person who is quarantining should stay home, and not have in-person contact with others unless there is an emergency.
A non-traditional Thanksgiving can be hard on all of us, and the CDC has some suggestions for healthy alternatives and precautions to consider that can be found, here. Please stay safe, and help us to keep our school community safe and able to provide for the students we serve.

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Joyce H. Fragale
Rose M. Gaffney Elementary School
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