Melick Genealogy Records
Rick Melick
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Last Update: January 6, 2013

*** Please visit my repository on Scribd for scanned copies of our family's documents.  If you have a document to share with the family please email me: rmelick650 at gmail dotcom.  Thank you!

Peter Moelich 1500-???? 
(Sixth-to-Last Generation in Germany)

Theiss (Matthias) Moelich 1530-1609

Michel Moelich ????-????

Friedrich Moelich 1611-1695

Jonas Moelich 1650-1722

Johan William Moelich 1675-????
(Last Generation in Germany)

Johan Peter Moelich 1708-1755 (est)

Tunis Anton Melick 1730-1795

Peter Melick 1758-1818

Peter Melick 1791-1873

Martin Mehl Melick 1814-????

Luther M. Melick 1859-1928 (est)

Richard Luther Melick 1905-1997

Richard Phillip Melick 1942-pres

Richard John Melick 1967-pres