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S2 HIV AIDS Citizenship Project

posted 24 Nov 2011, 06:40 by RME Department   [ updated 24 Nov 2011, 07:11 ]

Parents/Guardians please be aware of the HIV AIDS Citizenship project. 

They are required to do a research project to find out how the HIV virus has impacted one of the following 5 countries - Brazil, United Kingdom, Russia, South Africa and Zimbabwe


They should use the internet and various search engines to find the information that tells them the scale of the problem in that country.  Be aware – they don’t have to limit their searches to the internet

encyclopedias are still very useful research tools! 

They should keep a log of their searches and information sources.


Next, they review the data they have gathered to see if it has given them the information they need.  Once their research is complete they will prepare a project for presentation.  If they are very skilled on the computer, they should feel free to have a go at preparing a PowerPoint presentation to show the class.


They have 4 weeks to complete this task.

Please make sure the following details are on the front of the report:


Name, Register Class,

Teacher, Day & Period of RME
The exact details of how to do this project can be found in the attachment below.

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