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The network knowledge society implies a new generation of students -Net Generation- (Prensky, 2001) with a different mindset. An interesting challenge would be to design a new environment for them to work in a digital format among others. Being co-designers and co-creators of their space fostering a sense of agency and ownership, not only in the knowledge they will produce, but also in the space they will work in. Making the whole process a lot more engaging for them.

 “Although today’s students don’t necessarily generate course content, there is nothing to preclude that in the future. Some envision a global networked community of tutor and student volunteers who would produce resources that are evaluated and ranked by the community as a whole. The model might mirror today’s open source or Internet ‘reputation’ model. Rather than the content being fixed” (Hylén, J. 2006). Would this Rich Multimedia Empty Dynamic Space (RME-Dynamic Space) be a good one to start with this idea? Would it serve as a safe harbor where students can transform the concept of the uni-dimensional textbook into an multi-dimensional open social network created by them with the guidance of the teacher? And being a little more daring, could this social network become -in the future- into a learning management system as an open resource for others?

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