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I like writing software. Unfortunately, I don't have a lot of time to do this. However, if you have an idea for a small little program that you would like to have written, let me know. If I think that I can do it for you I will let you know and we can talk about the details then.

To give you an idea of the type of programs I am talking about I am making a few of the programs I've written available for download. They are all free software, written with the Python programming language.  Please, let me know if you like them, or if you have any questions or suggestions.

 Note: Depending on your connection speed, this page's server may reset the connection before the download of these files is finished.  Therefore, to download these files you may need to use a download manager such as FDM.  (They are each about 4 MB.)


  • CocoRename - Source Code - Screen Shot
    This little GUI program allows you to easily rename several files and even several folders at a time after selecting them in Windows Explorer.
  • 7Squeeze - Source Code - Screen Shot
    Utility for compressing/decompressing files and
    directories.  Besides the normal functions found in simmilar programs, 7Squeeze can compress and decompress only the contents of a specified directory tree, regardless of its size, leaving the directory tree itself intact.
  • DirClean - Source Code - Screen Shot
    Program for scheduling Directory Cleanup Jobs.  It will delete the contents of the specified directories at the specified times.  It allows you to set exclusions. 
  • Send2Link - Source Code - Screen Shot
    Set of utilities useful for sending links to files
    or folders to other users by means of Outlook, and/or for sending filenames and paths to the Windows clipboard.  


  • 7sqz
    Python script for compressing directories.  7sqz compresses  navigates through a directory tree compressing its contents only, not the actual directories.  It names each archive with the name of its holding directory.  If it finds a new file in one of those directories is simply adds it to the existing archive file if it exists, updating it inside the archive if it was already there.  It uses p7zip for the actual compression, so you need to have p7zip already installed.
  • 7usqz
    Python script for decompressing directory trees.  7sqz is the opposite counterpart of 7sqz.  It will simply go through a directory tree looking for archive files named as the holding directory and will uncompress them, essentially leaving the directory as it was before being squeezed.