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Student Fresh Egg Enterprise!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen our laying hens are in full production!

Students of the Reedley Middle College Agriculture Department collect, process and manage the egg enterprise, helping them develop business and marketing skills! We currently have 200 cage free brown egg laying hens in production averaging 1.25 eggs a day. Our eggs are marketed towards faculty and administrators of both Kings Canyon Unified and Reedley College, as well as the community.

All proceeds go towards helping current and future students in their FFA endeavors, trips, and classroom supplemental materials and equipment to further enrich the learning environment! In addition, a portion of the profits we make will go back into the egg enterprise to make it self-sufficient and completely managed by our students!

 If you're interested in purchasing some of our eggs to help support the students of the Reedley Middle College Agriculture Department and would like further information, feel free to contact Mr. Castro @ (559) 380-7442 or martin.castro@reedleycollege.edu

Our current price per dozen is $5.00

If you experience any difficulties placing or receiving an order please
ntact us at rmceggs@gmail.com

Enterprise Management:

Luis Vargas
Student Manager

Jose Amezcua
Asst. Student Manager

Miguel Acevedo
Technology Manager

Lesliee Fabian
Asst. Technology Manager

Katelyn Luna

Navneet Sandhu

Katelyn Ramirez

Hadley Ciceroni

Maricela Lemus

Alexis Torres

David Manjarez
Egg Collecting

Dalia Sanchez
Egg/Chick Department 

David Araujo
Inventory Tech 

Mr. Martin Castro