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My Empowerment Project

 Isabel Yarwood is a 6th grader at a local Montessori school.  Isabel wrote to us at RMCE about her school project and we loved her idea so much that we have provided space to showcase her research and commentary.  

Isabel's  project idea in her own words:

" The objective of this project is to get me to analyze and to take a stand on a social issue that is important for me.  Then I have to explain to my classmates to inspire them. I have decided to do my project on "Assimilation into US culture" and the issues and challenges immigrants face.  I need to do some research for my project and donate some hours of service.  
I'm thinking of focusing on how arts, and creativity can help with "assimilation into US culture."

We are glad to work with Isabel and her family.
Thanks for adding to our RMCE community!