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 About 60 researchers are in residence each summer conducting a variety of projects. Located at ~ 9483 feet (2890.4 meters) at the coordinates: latitude = 38° 57' 19.60', longitude = -106° 59' 28.32', (near Crested Butte, CO) the RMBL provides access to a wide range of mountain research habitats.

Research areas include: avian and mammalian adaptations to high elevation; animal behavior; plant-pollinator interactions; butterfly population ecology; stream ecology; climate change; stressed ecosystems; flowering phenology of alpine wildflowers; and insect predator-prey systems. 

Many research projects are of twenty to thirty years' duration. Additionally, RMBL staff maintain a  weather station, and data bases that describe plant and animal populations, physical and ecological features of the environment, and previous research projects.

Interested researchers must provide their own funding and grants can be run through RMBL if desired.  To search our researcher database click here.  You can search by PI last name, project title, organism, or year. 

All scientists interested in performing research at RMBL must submit an application for review by the Director and Research Committee. The deadline for new projects is February 15. 

Please read the research code before submitting an application. It is especially important to describe your reasons for selecting RMBL as a research site. Investigators applying for funding from foundations or government agencies for research at RMBL must get approval from the Director prior to submitting the proposal.

Before beginning your research we ask that you map your research site.

Applicants: All research applications can be found here.
Applications include: New/Renewal, Continuing, Research Assistant, Visiting Scientist, and Animal Care.

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