Sudan, Introduction
The Sudan and Ethiopian Famine 1985

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           It was during the early months of 1985 that the situation in Ethiopia was brought to public attention.  The region was gripped by famine.  Television brought pictures of both the emaciated, and children bloated with kwashiorkor. Public concern was galvanized into action. Numerous charities and other groups quickly mobilized to see what could be done. The group to which I was associated  'Pontypridd Christian Concern' was no exception.

Pontypridd is a small town in the South Wales Valleys about 12 miles west of Cardiff. Pontypridd Christian Concern was created by a loose collection of clerics, teachers, nurses and doctors in response to the situation in Northeast Africa. The various members of this group used their positions to organize fund raising efforts.

The Rev Mike Elliott, Anglican curate of the parish of St Catharines Pontypridd was a member of this group, and I was a member of his Parish.  Mike Elliott looked after the satellite church at Glyncoch, about 3 miles west of Pontypridd. It was through Mike that I became involved, first through collecting door to door in Glyncoch and later visiting the refugee camps in Sudan.