Wedding (a.ka. The "Event")

Prague, October 27, 2006



The Reception




More Wedding Photos

Old Town Hall
Prague, Czech Republic




Friday October 27, 2006, 1 PM



Rebecca's in hair & makeup with Stephanie in our hotel room


Mom figuring out how to lace up the dress


ready to go!


back of the dress


<< pictures of the ceremony will be inserted here >>


It's over!


Now we're up on the roof of the Hotel U Prince - the tall tower behind us is the building where we were married. 


Another view from the roof


A few shots of Mark smiling in a suit - check out the eybrows on the roof behind us!


Another view of the city - it was starting to get a bit breezy up there!


The flowers & the rings! 


On the left, that's Vlad our photographer!


Very tricky going up and down stairs ... but check out the cowgirl boots!

Charming Charlie photo op with  shawl, hair pins, and purse!




  Thanks to Rebecca's mom and dad for taking all these photos!


Click  here for More Wedding Photos (from the photographer in Prague)