Thanks for finding your way here.

This site is intended to help you get to know me and to describe what I do.  In general terms,  I manage a Community of Business Partners who agree to pursue a common strategy to create supplemental income.  Right now, your job to assess whether you think our strategy is viable and if you can make it work for you.

First, a little background.  I have been blogging about Home Business since 2014.  More recently, I built a Training site that includes information, strategies, tools, advice... as an additional resource for people who choose to partner with us.  Our mission is to help you create an additional financial resource through a process of training, personalization, and accountability that is tailored to you and what you bring to the table.  

We describe what we do it two ways:  1) We fix fixed incomes, and;  2) We organize knowledge, people and money for everyone's benefit.   

This site will help you understand how we go about it.  There is a plan.  It requires effort.  It works.  The resources this site points to merely describe the first steps in a strategy that is smart - and progressively builds skills and income.  Again, we do this through a process of collective agreement in a Community of Business Partners.
Right up front, let me level with you.  Running a home business, even part-time, requires an "adaptation" of how your life functions.  Here's the truth:  many people find it difficult to integrate new things into their lives.   I encourage you to understand what is presented on this site, then decide if it all makes sense on a gut level.  It is brutally honest in a tough-love kind of way.  This is about grown-ups making adult decisions about their futures.  It is the direct opposite of "signing up" and hoping you can make something work.

That said, and in the interest of everyone's time, you need to know that we seek to work with people who have their "eyes wide open". You deserve and need to have a full appreciation for "what it takes" to operate a home business.  You will get a sense of this if you choose to engage with the content of this site.

Ask yourself, in a one year time frame,  if you can find 10 people in this world who want and need more money and are willing to invest in themselves to make it happen?
If you think so, and you are one of them, join us.

It is sunrise at the rest of your life.  Get up.  Get after it.