Thanks for finding your way here.  I hope you find what follows helpful in getting to know me.  This is intended to provide insights into whether being associated with me as a business partner will make sense to you.

First, a little background.  I have been blogging about Home Business since 2014 and manage a Learning Community that is based on this content.  The WorkingPoorNoMore "brand" and platform is simply a way to share my experience with people who aspire to own a successful home business.  You can see the blog here.  Have a look around to get a sense of things.  Most of the content is gritty and practical.  There is also an 'About Me' section that provides more information about my background and values.

My mission and passion are to help people move beyond their current circumstances.  I do this by teaching skills through a process of training, personalization, and accountability.  I have developed a full training website that will be shared with you should you choose to get involved.  This site fuels (informationally) multiple businesses that have been "curated" over time.  These businesses were chosen based on their simplicity, earning ability and potential for success for those new to marketing and mentoring.

So, how about if we change the focus to you?  Running a home business requires an "adaptation" of how your life functions.  It requires change and here's the truth.  Many people find it difficult to integrate new things into their lives.  I can help with this in a number of ways.  However, to get to that point requires sacrificing former ways of doing things. It is very much a proposition of "out with the old, in with the new".  So, here is my advice: learn, integrate and understand... then decide if what is presented here makes sense on a gut level.  It is brutally honest in a tough-love kind of way.  This is about grown-ups making adult decisions about their futures.  If you are not serious about change and open to creating a new life, this may not be for you (with me as your mentor and business partner).

In the interest of everyone's time, I seek people who have their "eyes wide open". You will want to take the next step in our process with a full appreciation for "what it takes".  You will get a sense of this as you read further.

The most simple way to say it:  we get paid to find people who want or need more money.  We then provide an information process and explain how we go about it.   In short, we are a Community of people who share a common goal of income replacement.  We achieve it by agreeing to and implementing a common strategy. 

As you read, keep asking yourself if all of this passes the "smell test".  Judge every word.  What you need to understand, right up front is that we offer a serious proposition about altering the course of your life - to the extent that it can be impacted by creating an additional financial resource.  It works.  Your job is to decide if you can make it work for you.

You will find no claims here about being the be-all-and-end-all. There are a million other ways to make money.  That being said, let your guard down and take the time to understand what is proposed.  Our goal is to educate, not convince or persuade.  Simply rely on your innate intelligence if this seems genuine and "for real".

At the end of the day, our business is under the umbrella of our Learning Community with the mission of teaching and developing the skills to make money.  This is the true core of what we "promote".  

And, here's the point:  you need to be willing to be a learner who evolves into a teacher, coach and mentor.  In other words, you need to be able and willing to "Go Pro".  Competence takes work.  Building resources takes time and effort.  At the end of the day, the result is this:  you will be paid as a direct correlation to your value.

Here's how: compensation and competence are two sides of the same coin.  The more you know, the more people you teach, (the more value you offer) the more money you will earn.  This is the reality.  It is the Law of Compensation.  Again, the converse is, no skills, no value, no money. You can't just "join" and wait for something to happen.  This is all about intelligently applied effort, accountability and being purposeful in applying a strategy in pursuit of a goal.

The other side is this: it's about not cheating yourself out of your future.  Financial stability and prosperity is within your grasp if you choose to join us.  As declared in the banner of this site, we are boldly serious in making this statement.

In the most humble, yet candid way, let me say this:  our Community and the businesses we promote are special.  Here's the key:  we build your value.  The by-product is building your bank account.  We will not (and do not want to) appeal to everyone, especially those who want to "try something".  We specifcally want to work with motivated people who have done their homework and understand the feasibility of totally transforming their life within a 12 month time frame.  Or, let me put it this way, we don't want to waste anyone's time, most importantly, our own.  The point:  what we ask is that you come with an open mind and realistic expectations - about growth and about effort.

So here's what we propose: stay engaged long enough to get all of your questions answered.  Your skepticism is welcomed and embraced.  Here's the test:  If you do not interact with someone (actually have a conversation or exchange a few emails) you have short-changed yourself.  Ask hard questions.  They make us better and we are confident what we do stands up to the scrutiny.

And, thanks for being open.  Anything you choose to do has to "fit" with your values, it has to fit into your lifestyle and it has to enable you to maintain your dignity and credibility in standing behind "what you do" as a viable way to earn extra income.  We feel that we have all of these boxes checked.

Let me know how I can help in getting you all the information you need to make a decsion about joining us.  The real asset you own in any business is the relationships you build in creating a loyal following.  One at a time, the bigger the "following", the more money you make... like growing any business.  Right now, we are engaged in a trust building exercise to assess if this is worthy of your trust.  That is the way it should be.  

So, to close, let me offer this: if you extend 10% of your trust, I will do my best to earn the other 90%.  If you have not already done so, email me at my autoresponse:  To contact me directly and get any immediate questions answered, please use the email below.  

Richard Spahr
West Warwick, RI
(phone to be exchanged via email)

Ask yourself, in a one year time frame,  if you can find 10 people in this world who want and need more money and are willing to invest in themselves to make it happen?
If you think so, and you are one of them, join us.

It is sunrise at the rest of your life.  Get up.  Get after it.