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San Jose Lambda Society of the Deaf (SJLSD) was founded by Tommy Saavedra along with two co-founders in the summer of 1986 to serve Deaf gays and lesbians community in South Bay Area.

Rainbow Deaf Society (RDS) the oldest organization for Deaf Lesbians and
Gays, was founded in 1973 by Kent Mitchell and few other leaders. RDS was the only organization to start the Deaf Community AIDS Project in 1985 to provide education and financial support to Deaf people with AIDS.

In 1999 SJLSD and RDS members voted to form a single organization RLSD
to represent the growing deaf GLBT population in Bay Area.In order to assure the deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing gay and lesbian of their rights to equal opportunities, in the community, the state and the nation, RLSD shall promote educational, leadership and social activities directed at furthering the well-being and development of the deaf and hard of hearing gay and lesbian community and be instrumental in promoting a better understanding and unity within the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing communities.

RLSD is a member of Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf (RAD) and Deaf Gays and Lesbian of the West (Deaf GLOW).

RLSD is also a member of Deaf Communities Together, Inc that provides 501c3 status.