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Alkaline batteries recycling

Tape the ends of any battery that will be recycled. Otherwise it might leak and spark! 
You can recycle alkaline batteries at
RLM 3.
210 (Jack Clifford).
Rechargeable batteries recycling is at RLM 3.104 (Lanny Sandefur's office).

UT-Austin does not recycle alkaline batteries, this effort is done by volunteers at RLM that take the batteries to Battery Plus.

Below is a explanantion
from Karen Blaney, Safety Specialist at UT, of why UT-Austin is not recycling alkalines
"CEC (Campus Environmental Center) will be shutting down our battery program while we re-evaluate. Environmental Health & Safety will pick up rechargeables and CFLs (fill out a hazardous waste handling request on their website).

Alkaline batteries require special safety handling and I’m not sure that CEC is capable of monitoring the program without incident. Alkalines carry a residual charge, and they should not be kept piled together in small containers. They melt and can catch fire. The proper way to package them is to either tape both ends, or package each battery in a separate plastic bag. Departments with existing battery recycling programs will be advised of proper procedures; EHS has promised to post them on their website, and for the time being, departments will be on their own with taking alkaline batteries to be recycled."
Please take all batteries to 
Batteries Plus or the Household Hazardous Waste Facility
If you do decide to put alkaline batteries in the trash, as in most cases this is legal, you can take extra steps to prevent leaking such as:
- Putting multiple batteries in the same plastic bag
- Securing the ends of each battery with masking tape