Fluorescent light bulbs recycling

If the fluorescent light bulb has a green tip or has a writing in green, its mercury content is small and it can go with the regular trash.

You can recycle
fluorescent light bulbs at RLM 3.104 (Lanny Sandefur's office). Please, no broken bulbs.

Other places that recycle
fluorescent light bulbs are Home Depot, the Household Hazardous Waste Facility, and EHS on campus.
If you are on campus and want to recycle fluorescent light bulbs yourself just follow the same procedure as for all hazardous materials:
  • Call EHS and ask for a tag for chemical disposal. They will send it to you through campus mail. You can ask for many tags at once and save them.
  • Place the fluorescent light bulb(s) in a box, and put a tag on the box.
  • Go to the EHS website and print the chemical disposal form.
  • Fill out the form, using your tag number, and fax it to EHS.