McVicar Family

They're like trees replanted in Eden, never a worry, dropping a leaf, serene, calm & bearing fruit in every season.                                                                                                                     Jeremiah 17:8

  I believe in the good nature of God (God is good ... Psalm 34:8, John 3:16 & 3 John 1:11) as represented in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Father God is good because his very nature is good: desirable, positive and beneficial.

Father God through Jesus Christ has secured a future for all. Those who believe are the partakers' of this goodness and His wonderful adventure and have begun a good journey. Father God purposes to redeem many (if not all [the possibilities] because He desire that non-parish. Now that's good.), as many as those who believe / receiving His free gift of eternal live. Father God expresses this adventure in the presence and influence of the Holy Spirit, His historical account of his goodness from creation forward, a narrative and is found in the Bible, in the biographies of thousands of individuals for thousands of years and currently through the lives of those redeemed.

As God has redeemed thousands and millions ever since a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-gendered community of followers heard, received and followed the gift giver (Jesus Christ) 2000 plus years ago in Jerusalem, millions today also follow.  This same Jesus went back to the Father's actively commissioning priests (men & women) through the engaged Holy Spirit of God to communicate goodness, performing acts of mercy, grace and love often laying down their life. Many sons and daughters of Father God have gone on to glory and will join the rest in a new heaven and new earth at the end but not before as many as possible can be brought in.. These persons will have new body's (through new births) with a new inheritance, new destiny and live out this wonderful adventure in Father God's family.

Glimpses of this new heaven / realm/ territory (a sovereign expressions of Father God's goodness / redemptive plan, new earth have emerged like visions off a sprouting plant (fields of), as a new dawn after a long night since the time of Christ Jesus. 1st through the 12, then thousands, homes, areas of villages and far of in Palestine, but now here and all over the world. Lives redeemed, reborn, re-inherited with a future present destiny. Evident though random and frequent acts of kindness. Sons and daughters following in the footsteps of their (new) Father and elder brother / statesman Christ Jesus. These acts and lifestyles bring sight to the blind, joy for sadness, poverty for wealth, bondage for freedom, mercy for judgment, favor for abuse / ill-treatment, acceptable times for unacceptable times, good news for bad news / report.