Unravelling Retirement

Let us help you clarify the essentials and explore the options.

Welcome to our r-Life* information website. If you are contemplating retiring soon or within the next 5 to 8 years we believe it is wise to get an overview of the process and what lies beyond. We have been giving such sessions for over 14 years and are still fascinated by the whole process of retirement, which we are living every day.  

We strongly believe that your time, especially when working is very precious. When we began these seminars we decided that we would make the seminars as short and comprehensive as possible and have now got them down to single evening events.  

However our support goes beyond the seminars. You are provided with a resource DVD that has evolved over those 14 years and once you attend our sessions you become our Alumni and receive at least two free newsletters per year AND can email us for more help whenever needed - we are the ONLY group we are aware of that is offering such extras. We support you till you retire.


  • we will always remain totally and proudly independent. We do not represent any groups with a financial interest in YOUR retirement plans
  • we want to make your transition to retirement as easy as possible.
re-thinking, re-creating, re-organizing . . . some call it retirement but it is much more!

Marilynn and Geoff (former TDSB employees)

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