The Perfect Cruising Boat:  Romance

The Allied Mistress 39 Mk III Aft Cockpit

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1975 Allied 39 Mistress Survey Results

Pictures from the Survey

A few more photos

The Cruising World Allied Mistress Mk III Review

A History of Allied Yacht Co.

Original Line Drawing and 1975 Sales Brochure

Original Factory Pricing

The Original Yachtworld listing

A sad story on the boat molds

A short storm story

Allied Mistress 39 CC Sail Plan

The Allied Discussion Group

Retired Allied Home Page


First of all, I am well aware that the title to this page is somewhat of a misnomer.  Simply put, there is no such thing as the perfect cruising boat.  However, given all the requirements I set before beginning my seach for a boat, the Allied Mistress is about as close as I could get. 

She has a solid fiberglass hull, drafts only 4 feet 6 inches keeping me off the reefs, has a solid hull to deck joint keeping her dry, good hand holds running forward above and below decks for moving around in a blow, is ketch rigged making her very easy to sail short handed, and is cavernous beyond description down below.  Now I am sure many people would look at this beefy girl and wonder what kind of a sailer likes a 39 foot boat with 12 feet of beam (that's the width of the boat).  Well, this one does.  She isn't going to win any races anytime soon, but she will be very comfortable in both a sea way and at anchor.  This is the kind of boat that will be a pleasure to live on for 3 years.

Unfortunately, if you read the links on the left you will notice that Allied is no longer around as a boat builder.  This is unfortunate as Allied built the very first fiberglass boat to ever circumnavigate, the Seawind.  It is easy to confuse this boat with its sister ships which have the Center Cockpit.  They are the same hull shape, but the cocpit above decks is located in the center of the boat.  These later model Aft Cockpits, which Romance is, sacrifices one rear birth for lots of comfortable living space for two.  The dinette drops down to make a comfortable double birth for the occasional guest. 


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