About Us

Lee, Stephanie, Sofia, Maddox & Liam Fletcher

We currently live in the district of Surco in Lima, Peru and are blessed with a precious family of five!  Our three children, Sofia, Maddox and Liam are simply wonderful and (most of the time!) so much fun to be with. Little bit about Lee...he was born and grew up in Texas and studied at Abilene Christian(ACU) and Baylor University. Stephanie was born in Switzerland and grew up between France and St. Louis, MO as a missionary's kid. She also studied at ACU were we were blessed to have met one another.  

As Christian missionaries, we work to establish bodies of faith in Lima and with aide/development efforts throughout the city.  We are blessed to be working with some great faith bodies...the Highland, Brenham & Smithville Churches of Christ and the Crossing Church of San Antonio.