Upholstery Cleaning.

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Your Furniture Cleaned To Where It Looks Good, Smells Good, And Feels Good. Guaranteed Or It's Free!
For Only $33 Each! Call Now To Have Your Furniture Shampooed And Deep Steam Cleaned.

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Dear Friend my name is Randy Lassiter If you would like your furniture cleaned for a fare price at a time that's convenient for you then please call 1-224-805-6456 and ask for Randy. I specialize in stain removal, odor removal, and drying your furniture quickly.

My Process For Cleaning Your Furniture

First I give your furniture a nice wet vac to soften it's fibers (please remove all debris under your cushions). Then I pre-spray your furniture with a top of the line shampoo to loosen the soil. I let the shampoo work its magic for a couple of minutes breaking loose the grit and grime. Then I lightly scrub your furniture and remove what was stuck to it. Fifth I extract all of the dirt away. 

Fans and good airflow will help your furniture dry fast. The faster your furniture dry's the better off you will be. So if you have fans lets turn them on so your furniture will be dry with in a couple of hours.

About Me

I have 17 years of experience, plus I'm a third generation floor man. My Grandfather started flooring in 1948. My father carried on the tradition and passed it on to me. I’m telling you this because I’m a highly skilled carpet cleaner and I will do a great job for you.

Through the years I have learned what people demand from a person they do business with.

One of the things you probably demand is Respect. I focus intensely on giving people the respect they deserve. I learned this from my father and my martial arts training buddies. You see if I treated my father and my training partners with disrespect they would try to smash me into a little ball and kick me out the front door. I have been doing this type of training since I was a kid. Now that I’m thirty four years old, I have dealt with many people in my life, and when I treat them with respect, they appreciate it, and give me repeat business, plus referrals. This is what keeps me in business.

Another thing people need is trust. You know the saying "Do what you say and say what you do". Well that's exactly what you get from me.
I don’t take advantage of people with my pricing. I search all the time to see what my competitors is charging, and it looks like I'm giving the best deal.

I give a two hour time frame of when I will arrive at your home. I know it’s important to show up on time because that's one of the first things people thank me on, or when I receive praises on Facebook, the comments usually read, "Randy did a great job and he was on time". So I will give you a two hour time frame of when I will arrive, and if I'm not there when I say I will be there, you can request a discount, and I will oblige.

(This is what I can do for you)
  1. Make nasty furniture look and feel great again. 
  2. Clean dirty head and hand areas.
  3. Stain removal! (stains can be completely removed or lightened up).
  4. Eliminate pet odor. Call before it gets worse!
  5. Remove dust mites for a healthier life style.
  6. Clean dinner chairs so you can eat in peace
  7. Save you a ton of money from buying new furniture
  8. I clean sofas, love seats, recliners, dinner chairs, and desk chairs. If it has fabric on it I can clean it. Call because you deserve clean furniture.

Furniture Cleaning Prices 

$33 Each Shampoo and Deep Steam Clean Your Furniture... (Sofa, Love Seat, And Recliner, are all part of this great deal). $99 Minimum Charge
(Detached pillows will be $6. each to clean)

$33 Each To Apply Scotchgard Fabric Protector. I highly recommend that you splurge a little and apply 3M Scotchgard Fabric Protector to your furniture. It will help pro long the life of your furniture.

$33 Each To spray Odor Exterminator. It exterminates any odor from urine, vomit, decayed organic matter, sour smells, feces, skunk, musty mildew odors, and much more.

$12 Each Clean Table Chairs

$6 Each Clean Pillows

Here's The Deal I Have For You

I'll shampoo and steam clean your furniture for only $33 each (Sofa, Love Seat, And Recliner Are All Part Of This Great Deal). I will remove most stains and spots. I will force dry your upholstery by doing a thorough water extraction and by turning your fans on to create air flow. (Your furniture should be dry within a couple of hours) 

Normal Price: $99 for a sofa, $79 for a love seat, and $59 for a recliner. Let me tell you my friend $37 is a great deal.

My Guarantee Is This. You don't have to pay one red cent until you go over everything and make sure it's to your satisfaction.

This Special Ends Soon! So before you do anything else and miss out on this Great Deal, hurry and call 1-224-805-6456 and set up an appointment.

You run the risk of damaging your furniture and losing it to the garbage man... so have it cleaned now. 

Call 1-224-805-6456 to set up an appointment..

P.S Your furniture will look great again... and you will save a bundle.

Randy Lassiter 1-224-805-6456
Your local furniture cleaner.

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