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Do it your self tips

Tips on how to clean up a food spill.
If you spill some type of food on your carpet I will give you some tips on
how to clean it up.
First thing you want to do is pick up the spill from the outer edge of the
spill to the center of the spill. You can pick up the spill with your hands
or a spoon.
Once you remove the solids of the spill then you need to blot the spill with
a white towel. The towel can be a paper towel or a cotton towel. You blot the
spill by taking the white towel and push straight down onto the spill, do not
rub the spill just blot. Hold the pressure of
the towel onto the stain for a few seconds. Then pick the towel and look
to see if the stain is transferring to the white towel. If the
stain is transferring fold the towel to a clean spot on the towel, then use
that clean spot on the towel to blot the stain again. If the stain keeps
transferring to the towel repeat the process so the stain does not transfer
any more.
After the stain stops transferring to the white towel you want to rinse the
spill with clean warm water. To rinse with water you want to use a spray
bottle filled with cool to warm water. Or you can wet the towel in your sink.
With the spray bottle spray the spill but don't saturate it, then blot
with a clean white towel. Spray the spill with water and blot until there is
no transfer of the the spill onto the white towel.
Once you have done thse steps I recommend you to go to your local store
and buy some Resolve. Read the directions on the back of the can and apply
each step so you don't have any sticky residue left in your carpet. If there is
sticky residue in your carpet dirt will stick to it and the spot will turn black.

Carpet Cleaning Tips that will aid you in keeping your carpets in good condition.

Do-it-Yourself Tips
First, blot or scrape up the excess of any spill. Be sure to test the removal method on an area of fabric or carpet that cannot be seen. Then proceed with the spot cleaning outline below for individual stains.

Butter, Cooking Oil, Crayon, Gravy, Hand Lotion, Mascara, Shoe Polish, Tar:
Gently apply a commercial solvent like Resolve and blot carefully to absorb all the spill. Then apply a mild detergent solution like Resolve and blot up excess again. Then wipe gently with a cloth soaked with water and blot.

Blood, Catsup, Chocolate, Mud, Egg, Ice Cream, Mayonnaise, Milk, Soy Sauce:
Apply a mild detergent solution. Blot to absorb the excess. Apply a small amount of ammonia and blot again. Then repeat with a mild detergent like Resolve and blot again. Wipe gently with a cloth soaked with water and blot until clean. 

Beer, Berries, Candy, Coffee, Fruit Juices, Mixed Drinks, Soft Drinks, Wine:
Apply a mild detergent solution. Blot to absorb the excess. Apply a small amount of vinegar and water then blot with a white towel. Then wipe gently with a cloth soaked with water and blot until clean. If none of the recommended steps work, you might wish to enlist the services of Randys Carpet Cleaning. Be aware that do-it-yourself cleaning efforts might render the stain difficult for even an expert to remove.

Things to Avoid
Keep printed materials such as newspapers from making direct contact with your upholstered furniture. They contain inks that can accumulate over time and will stain. Try not to cover your upholstery with dark colored blankets or sheets. They contain dyes that can rub off over time and stain your furniture. Keep dyes, paints, nail polishes or inks away from the furniture. They can alter the color of the fabrics on your furniture. Regular professional cleaning will remove the harmful soil accumulation from your upholstery and reduce the abrasive effects they have. Thereby increasing the life of your upholstery.

Avoid Direct Sunlight
Sun exposure is guaranteed to destroy furniture. It can cause leather and vinyl to fade, dry out or crack. Dust, which acts as a mild abrasive, greatly increases the rate of wear. Natural oils, acids, and moisture produced by the skin, as well as body lotion and sweat will be absorbed by any cover potentially staining the cover. Body oil and sweat will cause vinyl and leather to harden and crack. This damage cannot be repaired. 

Carpet Cleaning Tip #1 - Vacuum Regularly
If you want a nice clean home and for your carpets to look nice vacuum regularly. So how do you keep your carpets clean?

The easiest way is regularly vacuuming. Carpet manufacturers actually recommend doing seven passes with a typical vacuum in order to thoroughly remove the loose soil from the carpet. Since you may not have time to vacuum all the rooms in your home seven times, vacuuming 1-3 times a week will help reduce carpet wear, keeps the floor cleaner, and helps the carpet last longer.

In addition to vacuuming often, when a spill occurs cleaning it up immediately will make it easier to clean, especially if it's a liquid that was spilt. Using a towel to soak up the excess to prevent the spill from spreading also helps with keeping your carpet in good condition. We also recommend moving the furniture regularly to reduce the appearance of traffic wear on the carpet. Traffic wear occurs when the same path is used over and over again when walking around in a room or even when you just rest your feet in the same spot on the floor when sitting in a chair or couch. This causes the carpet in these areas to matt down more than the rest of the flooring. heavensbest


Randy Lassiter