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Carpet Installation

Professional Carpet Installation
This is what I can do for you
Residential Carpet Installation
Commercial Carpet Installation
Power Stretching
Professional Seaming
Stairs Installation
Pattern match
and much more...

Give me a call and I'll come out at your convenience and give you a free estimate. I give you an accurate measurement, explain the best place to put your seams, listen to all your questions and concerns and answer them to the best of my ability. No job is too small!

Here Is A Little History On me

I'm a third generation floor man, my grandfather started flooring in 1948, he taught my dad, and my dad taught me. I became knowledgeable and proficient in the art of floor installation - so you will be in good hands.

I'm easy to work with and I get the job done quickly and efficiently.

No nickel and dime pricing and no hidden fees. Your wallet is safe.
Carpet Installation Process
I call you the morning of your appointment and let you know I'm on my way.
When I arrive we'll do a walk through and go over everything to make sure we are on the same page.
If you have any pets make sure you provide a safe place for them so they do not get injured.
Please move your breakable items and unplug your electronics. And I will move the rest of your furniture.
I remove your old carpet and pad and place it at curb or (haul it away.)
I bring in your new carpet and we make sure we are careful not to scratch your walls with the backing of the carpet. Some scratches are inevitable.
I do treat every job with care and skill. Your home is in good hands.
I  power stretch most carpet and I guarantee it won't wrinkle over time. If no disaster happens and your carpet wrinkles I will come out and restretch it for FREE!!!
Depending on the quality of your carpet you should not be able to see your seams. Low quality carpet and high quality carpet seams are easier to see. Mid grade carpet seams are pretty much invisible. Mid grade carpet is by far the best to seam.
My installers and I are clean and presentable.
If you need your carpet installed on Saturday no problem, I can do that for you.. 
When the job is complete we vacuum it. 

My goal is to make your carpet look like a work of art.
Residential And Commercial Carpet Installation
$6.00 per yard carpet installation
$3.00 per yard carpet removal
$50. per room for moving furniture 
$9.00 per yard for pattern match
$6.00 per yard for box stairs
$35 per stair for spindles, hollywood, floaters, and pie stairs
Heres The Deal.
Give me a call and I will come out quickly and give you a free estimate. Once the job is complete, you and I will go over the job and make sure everything is to your satisfaction. I guarantee the job will be to your satisfaction. My number one goal is to make you happy. If you have any problems with the installation, like wrinkles occurring, or seams coming undone, or carpet coming off the tack strip, I will come out and fix it for FREE.
Before you do anything else call 1-224-805-6456.
Randy Lassiter
26535 Taylor rd 
Barrington, IL 60010