Carpet Repair

Carpet Repair
Would You Like To Save A Ton Of Money By Repairing Your Carpet Instead Of Replacing It?
You can simply and afford-ably have your carpet repaired for the fraction of the cost.

Dear Friend my name is Randy Lassiter If you would like your carpet repaired for a fare price at a time that's convenient for you then please call 1-224-805-6456 and ask for Randy. I specialize in wrinkle removal, hole patching, and fixing berber runs. 

Wrinkle Removal Process
I use a power stretcher or a crab to smooth them out. A power stretcher consists of a head, polls, and a tail. The tail braces against a support wall, the polls stretch across the room, and connects to the head. I manually control the head with a lever to give your carpet a proper stretch. I hook it to the tack strip, I crease it with a stair tool, trim it, and neatly tuck it to the base board. This will give it a clean look.

A crab is different. Its a smaller tool that hooks onto the tack strip of the wall your stretching to and grips the carpet. I manually control the crab with a hand lever to smooth out your carpet, I kick the carpet up with a knee kicker and hook it to the tack strip. I crease the carpet with a stair tool, trim it, and neatly tuck it to the base board. This will make it look nice.

Hole Patching process
I use extra carpet left over from the initial carpet installation . If you don't have extra carpet left over then I would use a piece from a closet. I square the hole off or use a specially designed cookie cutter to create a circle in your carpet. Then I perfectly cut a piece from the extra carpet and neatly seam it together.

Berber Run Fix
I cut the backing of the missing row out and replace it with a new row from the extra carpet left over. Its easy to do but it can be very tedious. 

When patching a hole you will most likely see a color difference between the patch and the rest of the carpet. 

There's many situations that can occur with carpet. The best thing for you to do is give me a call explain your situation and I will walk you through an easy process and fix it.

About Me

I have 17 years of experience, plus I'm a third generation floor man. My Grandfather started flooring in 1948. My father carried on the tradition and passed it on to me. I’m telling you this because I’m a highly skilled carpet cleaner and I will do a great job for you.

Through the years I have learned what people demand from a person they do business with.

One of the things you probably demand is Respect. I focus intensely on giving people the respect they deserve. I learned this from my father and my martial arts training buddies. You see if I treated my father and my training partners with disrespect they would try to smash me into a little ball and kick me out the front door. I have been doing this type of training since I was a kid. Now that I’m thirty four years old, I have dealt with many people in my life, and when I treat them with respect, they appreciate it, and give me repeat business, plus referrals. This is what keeps me in business.

Another thing people need is trust. You know the saying "Do what you say and say what you do". Well that's exactly what you get from me.
I don’t take advantage of people with my pricing. I search all the time to see what my competitors is charging, and it looks like I'm giving the best deal.

I give a two hour time frame of when I will arrive at your home. I know it’s important to show up on time because that's one of the first things people thank me on, or when I receive praises on Facebook, the comments usually read, "Randy did a great job and he was on time". So I will give you a two hour time frame of when I will arrive, and if I'm not there when I say I will be there, you can request a discount, and I will oblige.

Here Are Some Of The Things I can Do For You.

Re stretch and remove wrinkles in your carpet.
Repair bad seams 
Patch burn stains.
Replace small portions of pad due to pet urine.
Replace worn holes on the landing of your stairs.
Replace small sections of carpet along the thresholds.
Replace corners of the room that have been ripped up from pets.
Replace water damaged carpet and pad.
Carpet stretched and re-tacked.
Patch a hole in the middle of room that has been dug out by a pet. 
Carpet pulled back so speaker wires can run underneath it and carpet re-installed.
Remove lumps in the living room - that has formed over the years.
Have carpet fitted to your hardwood, ceramic, laminate, or vinyl floor.

Carpet Repair Prices

$3.00 Per Sq Yard To Re-Stretch Carpet Or Re-Install Carpet.

$99 Min Charge To Patch A Hole In Your Carpet.

$99 Min Charge To Fix A Run In Berber Carpet. 


So before you do anything else hurry and call before it gets worse and costs you a lot more money.

P.S. Save A Ton Of Money And Call Now!
Randy Lassiter 
Phone 1-224-805-6456



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